AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-05-04COPYING.MIT: Re-add missing licensedoraNathan Rossi
2014-11-14layer.conf: correct BBFILES appendYasir-Khan
2014-01-20libaio: Add MicroBlaze SupportNathan Rossi
2013-12-17gdb: Add MicroBlaze supportNathan Rossi
2013-12-17binutils: Update binutils patchesNathan Rossi
2013-12-06openssl: Add support to build MicroBlaze targetsNathan Rossi
2013-11-19boards/zedboard: Fix Ethernet PHY dts nodeNathan Rossi
2013-11-15linux-xlnx: Backport kernel change for traceeventNathan Rossi
2013-11-08recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Adjust xlnx_3.8 patch file.Sipke Vriend
2013-11-08recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Update SRCREV for linux-xlnx_3.8Sipke Vriend
2013-10-29u-boot-xlnx_git.bb: Remove use of SRCPV in PVNathan Rossi
2013-10-29recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Adjust SRCREV for linux-xlnx_3.10Sipke Vriend
2013-10-29recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Adjust SRCREV on xlnx_3.8 branch.Sipke Vriend
2013-10-29recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Adjust recipes and patches to match xlnx_3.8.Sipke Vriend
2013-10-28recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Remove a few redundant kc705 scc files.Sipke Vriend
2013-10-24boards/zedboard: Updated device-treeNathan Rossi
2013-10-23boards/zc706: Updated device-treeNathan Rossi
2013-10-23boards/zc702: Updated device-treeNathan Rossi
2013-10-23boards/common/zynq-7-base.dtsi: Updated for 'xlnx_3.8' kernelNathan Rossi
2013-10-22recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx: Adjust kernel to use xlnx_3.8 branchSipke Vriend
2013-10-08linux-yocto: Change SRCREV_externalcache to be staticNathan Rossi
2013-10-08linux-dtb.inc: Only append packages if not already in collectionNathan Rossi
2013-09-26README: Added details of Known Issues with MicroBlazeNathan Rossi
2013-09-17qemuzynq.dts: Fix issue preventing proper boot of qemuzynqNathan Rossi
2013-09-17linux-xlnx.inc: Remove use of "linux-yocto"Nathan Rossi
2013-09-17linux-dtb.inc: Fix-up PACKAGES variable for QA issuesNathan Rossi
2013-09-17machine/boards/common: Created MicroBlaze 3.10 defconfigNathan Rossi
2013-09-12recipes-bsp:u-boot Remove u-boot 2013.01.01 target.Sipke Vriend
2013-09-06zynq-7-base.dtsi: Fix-up register mappingNathan Rossi
2013-09-06zedboard-zynq7: Fix DTS Network PHY nodeNathan Rossi
2013-09-05u-boot-xlnx: Add uEnv.txt supportNathan Rossi
2013-09-04u-boot-extra.inc: Refactored to use xilinx-utils functionsNathan Rossi
2013-09-04linux-machine-config.inc: Refactored useful python functionsNathan Rossi
2013-09-04external-xilinx-toolchain: Fix Parsing errorNathan Rossi
2013-09-03external-xilinx-toolchain: Created recipeNathan Rossi
2013-09-03recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx Add recipe for linux-xlnx 3.10 and correspondingSipke Vriend
2013-09-03recipes-bsp:u-boot: Add u-boot-xlnx_2013.07 and bleeding edge recipe.Sipke Vriend
2013-09-03recipes-bsp:u-boot-xlnx: Move patch files out of include file.Sipke Vriend
2013-09-03recipes-bsp:u-boot-xlnx: Delete 2012.10 u-boot recipe.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-26qemumicroblaze: Add qemu-native and qemu-helper-native extra image dependencies.Elvis Dowson
2013-08-26qemuzynq: Add qemu-native and qemu-helper-native extra image dependencies.Elvis Dowson
2013-08-21recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Move common items to include file.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-21linux : Use overrides to prevent global application of SRC_URI_appends.Philip Balister
2013-08-21recipes-kernel: Move DTB generation to meta-xilinxSipke Vriend
2013-08-20docs: Correct and add some documentationSipke Vriend
2013-08-16recipes-kernel:linux-yocto: Set compatible machine to soc familySipke Vriend
2013-08-13recipes-kernel:linux-xlnx Move revision to bb file.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-13conf:machine Add and modify Zynq dts files.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-12conf:machine: Add zc706 evaluation board support.Sipke Vriend
2013-08-09recipes-kernel: Add linux-xlnx-dev bleeding edge recipeSipke Vriend