AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-01-29Fix docker-registry downloads by using https://pypi.python.orgjethroMartin Oberhuber
2016-04-07libvirt: Fix bug in assigning virtio-mmio disks with qemuBogdan Purcareata
2016-03-31xen: deploy efi binary, if presentChris Patterson
2016-03-29lxc: warning fixes in busybox templateBogdan Purcareata
2016-03-29xen: add the extra packages released with xen 4.7Derek Straka
2016-03-29xen: add the flask policy to the set of files installed to the deploy directoryDerek Straka
2016-03-29xen: add the ability to configure the name of the policyDerek Straka
2016-03-29xen: split the flask package into a policy and tools packageDerek Straka
2016-03-29xen: add curl and gnutls to dependsChris Patterson
2016-03-29xen: uprev to 4.6.1Chris Patterson
2016-03-29ipxe: add cdr-tools-native to the list of dependsDerek Straka
2016-03-09lxc: upstream fixes for lxc-executeBogdan Purcareata
2016-02-24xen.inc: fix ordering of stubs taskChris Patterson
2016-02-01Allow xsm to be built with GCC 5.1.1 and greaterMachon Gregory
2016-02-01xen: don't inject -mfpmath=sse which causes build issuesDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: don't allow the build system to fetchDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: merge do_install_append to do_installDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: move bits common to all Xen versions to xen.incDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: separate the extra steps into their own tasksDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: fix up typo in XSM commentsDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: drop explicit DEPEND on libgccDoug Goldstein
2016-02-01xen: update git version to 4.6.xDoug Goldstein
2016-01-19xen: add xen-devd to packages list.Chris Patterson
2016-01-14xen.cfg: enable CONFIG_HYPERVISOR_GUEST by defaultChris Patterson
2016-01-05xen: package remus-netbuf-setup into xen-remusChris Patterson
2016-01-05seabios: drop shipped defconfig and use defaultsChris Patterson
2016-01-05xen: add libnl to DEPENDSChris Patterson
2015-12-21linux-yocto: remove dangling bbappendsBruce Ashfield
2015-12-25xen: uprev to 4.6.0Chris Patterson
2015-12-25xen: drop unnecessary variable modificationsDoug Goldstein
2015-12-25xen: add support for files added with Xen 4.6Doug Goldstein
2015-12-25xen: empty out rdepends for xen-dev to lose QA warningChris Patterson
2015-12-25seabios: uprev to 1.9.0Chris Patterson
2015-12-25xen.cfg: update for linux 4.1Chris Patterson
2015-12-25Enables XSM functionality in builds that contain "xsm" in the PACKAGECONFIG.Machon Gregory
2015-12-25Disables OCaml tools.Machon Gregory
2015-12-15xen: drop PR variable from include fileDoug Goldstein
2015-12-15xen: resolve issue when using sstate cacheDoug Goldstein
2015-12-15xen: move udev dependency to package that needs itDoug Goldstein
2015-12-15xen: use proper variable for /usr/share pathDoug Goldstein
2015-12-15openvswitch: enable systemd supportMark Asselstine
2015-12-15openvswitch: rename openvswitch-controllerMark Asselstine
2015-12-15openvswitch: drop version 1.10.0 and 2.1.3Mark Asselstine
2015-12-02protobuf-c: Inherit pkgconfigJianchuan Wang
2015-11-03openvswitch: Uprev to latest stable version 2.4.0Jianchuan Wang
2015-10-30go-net: add SRC_URI checksumsIoan-Adrian Ratiu
2015-10-30go-sqlite: add SRC_URI checksumsIoan-Adrian Ratiu
2015-10-30lxc: upgrade it to 1.1.4Roy Li
2015-10-13docker: fix paths for cross compileAmy Fong
2015-10-13Enable go-cross 1.3 to coexist with later versionsAmy Fong