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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-07-24ti-pdk-build-rtos: Update to version Radhakrishnan
2018-07-10meta-ti: cleanup use of d.getVar()Denys Dmytriyenko
2018-06-20ti-xdctools-common: Add XDC tools to -dev packageJoshua Watt
2018-06-19ti-pdk-build: New DEV.PDK_BUILD. Senicic
2018-06-01ti-ipc: Update to new version Nelson
2018-04-24multiprocmgr: don't hardcode "uapi" kernel locationDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-04-24sa-lld-test, multiprocmgr: suppress no GNU_HASH warningsDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-04-24recipes: fix host contamination warningsDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-04-24conf, recipes: introduce k2l family and add support for k2l-hs-evmDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-04-17ti-pdk-build-rtos: Updating to version which uses make install i...Mahesh Radhakrishnan
2018-04-17ti-cg-xml: skip file-rdeps checkJacob Stiffler
2018-04-04ti-ipc: refresh local patch to avoid fuzz warningsDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-04-03ti-ndk: skip file-rdeps checkJacob Stiffler
2018-03-28ti-codec-engine: fix host contamination warningsDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-03-05ti-ipc: Fix to avoid parallel build issueSam Nelson
2018-03-04netapi: remove due to external ipsecmgr dependencyDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-03-04ipc-transport-qmss-rtos: is machine-specific, mark accordinglyDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-03-04multiprocmgr, mpm-transport: do not depend on syslog-ng, not in meta-ti or oe...Denys Dmytriyenko
2018-03-01ti-pdk-build-rtos: Installing the newly added comp_paths.mk fileMahesh Radhakrishnan
2018-03-01ti-ipc-rtos: Correction to versionSam Nelson
2018-03-01engine-pkcs11, libp11, ti-softhsmv2: update compatibilityDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-03-01recipes: remove outdated recipes, some deps are no longer satisfiedDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-02-26ti-pdk: Allow Doxygen generation to be optionalJoshua Watt
2018-02-16ti-paths: add missing NDK_INSTALL_DIRJacob Stiffler
2018-02-14ti-xdctools: do not create target packageJacob Stiffler
2018-02-07ti-cg-xml: inhibit all strippingDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-02-07vlib-c66x: resolve host contamination warningsDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-02-07imglib-c66x: ihibit all strippingDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-02-07dsplib-c66x: inhibit all strippingDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-02-07ti-ipc: Update to GA version Nelson
2018-02-02recipes-ti: remove deprecated componentsDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-01-17ti-ipc: Update to new version Nelson
2018-01-15ti-cgt-pru: update toolchain to 2.2.1 versionSuraj Das
2017-12-21openmp-rtos: update to the latest for eclipse plugin changesGaurav Mitra
2017-12-21ti-xdctools: extend to native and nativesdkMertz, Timothy
2017-12-21ti-ndk: Updating to version Radhakrishnan
2017-12-19openmp-rtos: depend on doxygen-native for documentationDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-12-14ti-pdk-build-rtos:Updating to version Radhakrishnan
2017-12-13multiprocmgr-rtos: RDEPENDS on bashDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-11-16ti-ipc-rtos: cannot directly depend on doxygen hereDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-11-13ti-ipc-examples-linux: explicitly depend on zip-native used during installDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-10-19ti-cgt6x: update to version 8.2.2Jacob Stiffler
2017-10-19ti-ipc: Update to new version Nelson
2017-10-19ti-xdctools: Update to new version Nelson
2017-10-19ti-sysbios: Add recipe for new version Nelson
2017-10-19gcc-arm-none-eabi-native: Add recipe for new version 6-2017-q1-updateSam Nelson
2017-10-19ti-sysbios: avoid file-rdeps QA errors in pre-packaged binariesDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-10-02uio-test-pruss: add support for k2gHongmei Gou
2017-10-02ti-ndk: Adding recipe for ti-ndkMahesh Radhakrishnan
2017-09-26uio-test_pruss: Update to new version Nelson