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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-12-16ti-sgx-ddk-km: Fix build with kernel 5.10 and musl supportKhem Raj
2021-08-17meta-ti: convert to new override syntax in honisterDenys Dmytriyenko
2021-05-04ti-sgx-ddk-um: Update srcrev to pick latestGowtham Tammana
2020-09-21ti-sgx-ddk-um: Update SRCRERV to pick latest artifactsGowtham Tammana
2020-04-08libgles: require gpu machine featureDenys Dmytriyenko
2020-02-21sgx-um, rogue-umlibs, gc320-libs: RRECOMMENDS on corresponding driversDenys Dmytriyenko
2020-02-13ti-sgx-ddk-um: bump SRCREV for zeus supportAndrew F. Davis
2019-10-31ti-sgx-ddk-um: update SRCREV to pick up Mesa-based EGL/GLES librariese-ruei1@ti.com
2019-09-06ti-sgx-ddk-um: Remove the removing of wayland-egl.pcAndrew F. Davis
2019-09-06ti-sgx-ddk-um: Drop omap5-sgx-ddk-um-linux packageAndrew F. Davis
2019-09-06ti-sgx-ddk-um: Add wayland-protocols as build dependencyAndrew F. Davis
2019-09-06ti-sgx-ddk-um: Add expat as runtime dependencyAndrew F. Davis
2019-09-06ti-sgx-ddk-um: libgbm is now part of this projectAndrew F. Davis
2019-06-07ti-sgx-ddk-um: bump SRCREV to pick up the fix for AM5 performance degradatione-ruei1@ti.com
2019-05-03ti-sgx-ddk-um: bump SRCREV to pick up wsegl fixe-ruei1@ti.com
2019-03-01ti-sgx-ddk-um: bump SRCREV and enable AM3/4/5 support for DDK 1.17e-ruei1@ti.com
2018-08-31ti-sgx-ddk-um: bump SRCREV to pickup the latest fixese-ruei1@ti.com
2018-08-29ti-sgx-ddk-um: remove conflicting wayland-egl.pcDenys Dmytriyenko
2018-08-08ti-sgx-ddk-um: fix path of pvrsrvctl at rc.pvr for k3e-ruei1@ti.com
2018-07-28ti-sgx-ddk-um: add libEGL.so to plugin list for DDK 1.17e-ruei1@ti.com
2018-07-28ti-sgx-ddk-um: add k3 (AM654x) supporte-ruei1@ti.com