AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-05-16am57xx-evm.conf: add new DTB entries for camera modulesti2017.01-rc4ti2017.01Denys Dmytriyenko
2017-05-16uboot-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc4 tagDan Murphy
2017-05-16linux-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc4 tagDan Murphy
2017-05-12ti-ipc: Update to GA version Nelson
2017-05-12ti-sci-fw: update to the latest 0.1.1-50 versionDan Murphy
2017-05-11prueth-fw: bump to pick up the correct 3.1.4 binariesDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-05-08ti-ipc-rtos: fix omapl138 update-alternatives missing parameterti2017.01-rc3Denys Dmytriyenko
2017-05-08uboot-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc3 tagDan Murphy
2017-05-08linux-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc3 tagDan Murphy
2017-05-08osal: utilize oe_runmakeJacob Stiffler
2017-05-04ti-pdk-build-rtos: use k2g SOC family, clean up whitespacesDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-05-03ti-ipc-rtos: Add default links for rproc firmware for omapl138Sam Nelson
2017-05-03ti-pdk-build-rtos: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03sa-lld: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03qmss-lld: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03pruss-lld: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03pa-lld: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03osal: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03edma3-lld: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-03common-csl-ip: Update to version Sobota
2017-05-01boot-monitor: update to ti2017.01-rc2 tagti2017.01-rc2Dan Murphy
2017-05-01ti-sci-fw: update to the latest 0.1.1-47 versionDan Murphy
2017-05-01uboot-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc2 tagDan Murphy
2017-05-01linux-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc2 tagDan Murphy
2017-05-01edma3lld: remove outdated v1 recipeDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-28ti-ipc: Update to new version Nelson
2017-04-28Resolve host contamination warningsJustin Sobota
2017-04-26ti-ccsv6: Remove the recipe and other dependenciesKarthik Ramanan
2017-04-26Remove CCS dependencies for all componentsKarthik Ramanan
2017-04-26ti-cgt-arm: add recipe for 16.9.2Karthik Ramanan
2017-04-25u-boot-ti-staging: bump PR manually to redo sstate due to missing deploy filesti2017.01-rc1Denys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-24u-boot-ti.inc: add support for k2hk-hs-evm and k2g-hs-evmDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-24linux: use cmem and k2hk-uio dtsi for all k2hk platformsDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-24boot-monitor: fix build issue caused by Makefile tabs forcing sparse useDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-24conf/machine, recipes: introduce k2hk SOC familyDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-04-24boot-monitor: update to ti2017.01-rc1 tagDan Murphy
2017-04-24uboot-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc1 tagDan Murphy
2017-04-24linux-ti-staging: update to ti2017.01-rc1 tagDan Murphy
2017-04-24mpm-transport: Update to new version Nelson
2017-04-24ti-ipc: Update to new verison Nelson
2017-04-24ti-gc320-driver: Use GFP_DMA32 flag for allocationsGowtham Tammana
2017-04-24dspdce-fw: Update SRCREV for dsp crash issueKarthik Ramanan
2017-03-30k2hk-hs-evm: add new machine configDan Murphy
2017-03-28uboot-ti-staging: update to ti2017.00-rc6 tagti2017.00-rc6ti2017.00Dan Murphy
2017-03-28linux-ti-staging: update to ti2017.00-rc6 tagDan Murphy
2017-03-28ti-ipc: add module dependency between omap_remoteproc and virtio_rpmsg_busDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-03-27ti-ipc-examples: Update with change of directory structureSam Nelson
2017-03-21beaglebone: setup wic to produce SD card imageDenys Dmytriyenko
2017-03-21beagle-x15: add separate config for BeagleBoard X15Denys Dmytriyenko
2017-03-20omapl138: rename old am180x platform into new generic omapl138-lcdkDenys Dmytriyenko