AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
38 hoursti-linux-fw: Bump to release08.03.00.005dunfell-wipdunfell-nextdunfellRyan Eatmon
38 hourslinux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
38 hourslinux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
38 hoursu-boot-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
4 daysconf: machine: am62xx: add new dtb for low-powerPraneeth Bajjuri
6 daysti-linux-fw: Bump to release08.03.00.004Ryan Eatmon
6 dayslinux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
6 dayslinux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
6 daysu-boot-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
9 daysconf: machine: am62xx Fix overlay extensionRyan Eatmon
9 daysti-tros-firmware: Add DM firmware binary to deploy directory for am62xx-evmAparna M
10 daysti-graphics: update for 4K/64K page size GPU driversDarren Etheridge
2022-05-05linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to release08.03.00.003Ryan Eatmon
2022-05-05linux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-05-05u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-05-04conf/machine: am62xx: Update build flag for low power modeNishanth Menon
2022-05-04trusted-firmware-a: upgrade to v2.6+Praneeth Bajjuri
2022-05-04recipes-bsp: tifs-lpm-stub: Introduce new recipeRyan Eatmon
2022-05-04uio-module-drv: Remove unneeded patch.Ryan Eatmon
2022-05-02uio-module-drv-test: Fix build with clangRyan Eatmon
2022-04-28recipes-kernel: setup-defconfig: Use SRCPV to update KERNEL_LOCALVERSIONNishanth Menon
2022-04-28u-boot-ti: Use SRCPV instead of SRCREV for U_BOOT_LOCAL_VERSIONNishanth Menon
2022-04-27ti-linux-fw: Bump to release08.03.00.002Ryan Eatmon
2022-04-27linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-04-27linux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-04-27u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-04-25k3conf: Update SRCREV to pick AM62x supportPraneeth Bajjuri
2022-04-25conf: machine: am62xx Add missing dtbo fileRyan Eatmon
2022-04-21ipc: ti-rpmsg-char: Update library to Bajjuri
2022-04-21linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-04-21linux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-04-21u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-04-20linux-ti-staging/mainline: depend on libmpc-native and gmp-nativeDenys Dmytriyenko
2022-04-20u-boot-ti: Use SRCREV to get short commit IDDevarsh Thakkar
2022-04-18ti-graphics: Add j7-hs-evm as a compatible machine.Ryan Eatmon
2022-04-13pru-icss_git.bb: add AM62xNick Saulnier
2022-04-13pru-icss_git.bb: update to PSSP v6.1.0Nick Saulnier
2022-04-07ti-graphics: gpu enable and move all platforms to ddk 1.15Etheridge, Darren
2022-04-07machine: Add am62xx evm configurationNishanth Menon
2022-03-15README: update maintainers listDenys Dmytriyenko
2022-03-08u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to release08.02.00.006Ryan Eatmon
2022-03-04ti-linux-fw: Bump to release08.02.00.005Ryan Eatmon
2022-03-04u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-03-04linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-03-04linux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-02-24u-boot-ti-staging: Bump to release08.02.00.004Ryan Eatmon
2022-02-24linux-ti-staging-rt: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-02-24linux-ti-staging: Bump to releaseRyan Eatmon
2022-02-18ti-sgx-ddk-um: avoid unnecessary dependency on -dev packageMatthias Schiffer
2022-02-18conf: Enable bmap file for wic images on legacy platformsJonathan Humphreys