path: root/recipes-core/swupd-server/swupd-server
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-05-13swupd-server: bump to 3.2.3Joshua Lock
2016-04-06swupd-server: better align 3.1.2 recipe with 2.53 recipeJoshua Lock
2016-04-04swupd-server: add recipe for 3.1.2Joshua Lock
2016-03-30swupd-server: work around pseudo xattr hardlink bugPatrick Ohly
2016-03-30swupd-client: Update the client and server to use bsdtarDmitry Rozhkov
2016-03-21swupd-server: always use xattrs when calculating hashesJoshua Lock
2016-03-14swupd-server: Add patch fixing freeing dangling pointersDmitry Rozhkov
2016-02-25Initial populationJoshua Lock