AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-10-09clamav: add INSTALL_CLAMAV_CVD flag to do_installzeusCharlie Davies
2020-06-24tpm2-tss-engine: License changedArmin Kuster
2020-01-25buck-security: fix rdebends and minor style cleanupArmin Kuster
2020-01-25checksecurity: fix runtime issuesArmin Kuster
2020-01-23Apparmor: fix some runtime dependsArmin Kuster
2020-01-22fail2ban: fix runtime errorArmin Kuster
2020-01-04suricata: update to 4.1.6Armin Kuster
2020-01-04libhtp: bugfix only update 0.5.32Armin Kuster
2020-01-04libseccomp: upgrade 2.4.1 -> 2.4.2Yi Zhao
2020-01-04README: update mailing list to new groups.ioArmin Kuster
2020-01-04suricata: add tmpfiles.d configChristopher Larson
2020-01-04clamav: add tmpfiles.d configChristopher Larson
2020-01-04checksecurity: use more portable find argsChristopher Larson
2020-01-04meta-tpm/recipes-tpm2/tpm2-tss/tpm2-tss_2.3.1.bb: add new udev dir to FILES a...Norbert Kaminski
2020-01-04cryptsetup tpm incubator: fix installed vs shippedChristophe PRIOUZEAU
2019-10-17apparmor: ptest fail to build on armArmin Kuster
2019-10-16apparmor: fix systemd support so it worksArmin Kuster
2019-10-14checksec: add missing rdepends to readelfArmin Kuster
2019-10-14suricata: fix compile issueArmin Kuster
2019-10-13apparmor: make bash dependency optionalAlexander Kanavin
2019-10-13apparmor: add PRIVATE_LIBS for ptest packageAlexander Kanavin
2019-10-11layer.conf: Update for zeus seriesArmin Kuster
2019-10-08suricata-update: add package to pull rulesArmin Kuster
2019-10-08suricata/libhtp: update to 4.1.5/0.5.31Armin Kuster
2019-09-29apparmor: suppress appending of installation to perllocal.podNaveen Saini
2019-09-29ncrack: update to tipScott Ellis
2019-09-12tpm2-pkcs11: update to tipArmin Kuster
2019-09-12tpm2-tcti-uefi: update to tipArmin Kuster
2019-09-12tpm2-totp: update to 0.1.2Armin Kuster
2019-09-12tpm2-tss-engine: update to 1.0.1Armin Kuster
2019-09-12tpm2-tss: update to 2.3.0Armin Kuster
2019-09-12tpm2-abrmd: update to 2.2.0Armin Kuster
2019-09-12swtpm: update to 0.2.0Armin Kuster
2019-09-12libtpm: update to 0.7.0Armin Kuster
2019-09-07suricata: update to 4.1.4Armin Kuster
2019-09-07oe-scap: Fix QA RDEPENDS errorArmin Kuster
2019-09-07cryptsetup-tpm-incubator: fix QA error RDEPENDSArmin Kuster
2019-09-07scap-security-guide: add depends on openscap-native do_installArmin Kuster
2019-09-07openscap: Drop nostampArmin Kuster
2019-09-07apparmor: drop lsb RDEPENDSArmin Kuster
2019-09-07initramfs-framework-ima: correct IMA_POLICY nameArmin Kuster
2019-09-07busybox: fix sig changes when layer addedArmin Kuster
2019-09-07packagegroup-core-security: update package nameArmin Kuster
2019-09-07packagegroup-core-security-ptest: only included if ptest is enabledArmin Kuster
2019-09-01libseccomp: build static library alwaysStefan Agner
2019-09-01python-scapy: drop py2 packageArmin Kuster
2019-08-29checksec: upgrade 1.11.1 -> 2.1.0Yuan Chao
2019-08-29python-scapy: upgrade 2.4.2 -> 2.4.3Yuan Chao
2019-08-28libenv-perl: Remove, moved to meta-perlAdrian Bunk
2019-08-28xmlsec1: Remove, moved to meta-oeAdrian Bunk