AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2020-08-23layer.con: add DISTROOVERIDE for hardeningmaster-wipArmin Kuster
2020-08-23meta-harden: Add a layer to demo harding OE/YPArmin Kuster
2020-08-17trousers: Several Security fixesArmin Kuster
2020-08-04libseccomp: fix cross compile error for mipsKai Kang
2020-08-04clamav: add INSTALL_CLAMAV_CVD flag to do_installCharlie Davies
2020-07-27packagegroup-core-security: restore riscv64 for libssecompArmin Kuster
2020-07-27libseccomp: update to 2.5.0Armin Kuster
2020-07-27packagegroup-core-security: remove libseccomp for riscv*Armin Kuster
2020-07-27libsecomp: rv32/rv64 target builds are not supported yetArmin Kuster
2020-07-25packagegroup-core-security: remove clamav for riscv*Armin Kuster
2020-07-25packagegroup-security-tpm: add more packages for buildingArmin Kuster
2020-07-25security packagegroups: move to recipes-coreArmin Kuster
2020-07-25security images: Move to recipe-coreArmin Kuster
2020-07-25ibmswtpm2: upgrade 1563 -> 1628Yi Zhao
2020-07-25lynis: update to 3.0.0Armin Kuster
2020-07-24drop ci-build: it is hiding errorsArmin Kuster
2020-07-19kas: add ima, tpm and tpm2 build configsArmin Kuster
2020-07-18add gitlab framework and qemu machineArmin Kuster
2020-07-18meta-integrity: add dynamic-layer for strongswanArmin Kuster
2020-07-18strongswan: Add bbappends for ima changesArmin Kuster
2020-07-18layer.conf: add dynamic-layer for strongswanArmin Kuster
2020-07-18strongswan: add bbappends for tpm changesArmin Kuster
2020-07-18python3-privacyidea: adding initial support for mfaArmin Kuster
2020-07-18python3-oauth2client: add recipeArmin Kuster
2020-07-14packagegroup-security-tpm2: Depend on preferred provider for cryptsetupJeremy Puhlman
2020-07-14cryptsetup-tpm-incubator: RPROVIDES cryptsetup and cryptsetup-devJeremy Puhlman
2020-07-14bastille: Deleted redundant inherit to fix error when enable multilib.Zheng Ruoqin
2020-07-14ccs-tools:Fix build error when enable multilib.Zheng Ruoqin
2020-07-06isafw.bbclass: typo in layer nameArmin Kuster
2020-07-06packagegroup-core-security-ptest: update fail2ban ptest pkg nameArmin Kuster
2020-07-06suricata: update to 4.1.8Armin Kuster
2020-06-23sssd: disable build secretsKai Kang
2020-06-19apparmor: pull in coreutils/findutils only when not using systemd as init man...Alexander Kanavin
2020-06-19tripwire: Remove makefiles from the man directories.Jeremy Puhlman
2020-06-19clamav: resolve multilib issuesJeremy Puhlman
2020-06-19tpm2-tcti-uefi: drop patch no longer neededArmin Kuster
2020-06-19openscap: update to 1.3.3Armin Kuster
2020-06-19libtpm: update to 0.7.2Armin Kuster
2020-06-19tpm2-pkcs11: update 1.2.0Armin Kuster
2020-06-19tpm2-tss-engine: add branch to SRC_URI & update to tipArmin Kuster
2020-06-19tpm2-tss: update to 2.4.1Armin Kuster
2020-06-19tpm2-tools: update to 4.1.3Armin Kuster
2020-05-15samhain: dnmalloc hash fix for aarch64 and mips64Haseeb Ashraf
2020-05-15samhain-server: add volatile file for systemdYi Zhao
2020-05-15dm-verity: add a working example for BeagleBone BlackBartosz Golaszewski
2020-05-15classes: provide a class for generating dm-verity meta-data imagesBartosz Golaszewski
2020-05-15buck-security: fix runtime issue with missing per moduleArmin Kuster
2020-04-07apparmor: update to 2.13.4Jan Luebbe
2020-04-07apparmor: fix wrong executable permission on service fileJan Luebbe
2020-03-27arpwatch: add new recipeArmin Kuster