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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-03layer: convert to new override syntaxoverrideNicolas Dechesne
2021-06-04fastrpc: Update to latest SRCREV for SDK headersBryan O'Donoghue
2021-04-06fastrpc: fix search pathsDmitry Baryshkov
2021-04-06fastrpc: provide unit files for adsprpcd/cdsprpcdDmitry Baryshkov
2021-04-06fastrpc: provide a service to mount DSP partitionDmitry Baryshkov
2021-03-06fastrpc: add lib*dsprpc.so to fastrpc packageDmitry Baryshkov
2021-01-14fastrpc: bump srcrev and fix packaging of default listenersDmitry Baryshkov
2020-03-23fastrpc: new upstreamNicolas Dechesne
2020-03-11recipes-support: Add fastrpc recipe for {a,c}dspAníbal Limón