AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-12-27Revert "base-files: Define JAVA_HOME by default"thudFang Jia
2019-12-27openjdk-8: disable stringop-overflow compiler errorsRichard Leitner
2019-06-06README: mention new TESTIMAGE_AUTO variableRichard Leitner
2018-12-18java-library: make packages overriding PACKAGE_ARCH work againAndré Draszik
2018-12-18oeqa: runtime: java: skip java7 comp test for powerpcRichard Leitner
2018-10-24openjdk-8-native: hotspot: handle format-overflow error for gcc >= 7Andreas Obergschwandtner
2018-10-22layer.conf: change LAYERSERIES_COMPAT to thudRichard Leitner
2018-10-22openjdk: remove incorrect PROVIDES (java2-vm java2-runtime)André Draszik
2018-10-22openjdk-8: support rm_work disabledAndré Draszik
2018-10-02openjdk-7-common: fix jvm postinst scriptsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02README: clarify supported openjdk version/arch/libc combinationsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02oeqa: runtime: java: skip java7 comp test for ppcRichard Leitner
2018-10-02conf: distro: add mejate{,-musl} distributionsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02oeqa: runtime: java: enable test_java8_jar_comp_mode for armv7Richard Leitner
2018-10-02icedtea: disable error format-overflow for gcc 7Andreas Obergschwandtner
2018-10-02openjdk-7: merge postinst into openjdk-7-commonRichard Leitner
2018-10-02openjdk-8: use openjdk-commonRichard Leitner
2018-10-02openjdk-7: remove version dependent stuff from openjdk-commonRichard Leitner
2018-10-02icedtea7-native: use openjdk_build_helper's ARCH translation functionsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02openjdk-7: use openjdk_build_helper's ARCH translation functionsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02openjdk-8: use openjdk_build_helper's ARCH translation functionsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02openjdk-build-helper: add get_*_arch functionsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02openjdk-8: add aarch32 port 8u172b11André Draszik
2018-08-21openjdk-8: allow to build client JVM via PACKAGECONFIGAndré Draszik
2018-08-21openjdk-8: always apply some patchesAndré Draszik
2018-08-21openjdk-8: fix malformed patchesAndré Draszik
2018-08-21layer.conf: stop OpenJDK-8(native) build dependencies from being installedAndré Draszik
2018-08-20README: add "Known Limitations/Bugs" sectionRichard Leitner
2018-08-14openjdk-8: gcc-8 fix #4: undefined behaviour (hotspot)André Draszik
2018-08-14oeqa: runtime: java: skip not supported version/arch combinationsRichard Leitner
2018-08-14dbus-java: do not build any documentationYevgeny Popovych
2018-08-13openjdk-build-helper: move c compiler flags retrieval to here (from openjdk-8)André Draszik
2018-08-13java.bbclass: move openjdk/icedtea specific code into new classAndré Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-7: clarify a bitbake warningRichard Leitner
2018-08-13openjdk-8: update to 8u172b11André Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-8: gcc-8 fix #3: working binariesAndré Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-8: gcc-8 fix #2: silence build warnings/errors (return-type)André Draszik
2018-08-13Revert "openjdk-8: fix build for gcc8.x"André Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-8: gcc-8 fix #1: backport patch to fix misuses of strncpy/strncatAndré Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-8: fix infrastructure for version host gcc != cross gcc (again)André Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-8: remove superfluous compiler flag (-std=gnu++98)André Draszik
2018-08-13openjdk-8: speed-up do_install() (pack200)André Draszik
2018-08-13gitignore: ignore new python byte-code filesAndré Draszik
2018-08-02ca-certificates-java: update to v20180516André Draszik
2018-07-31openjdk-8: 'do_unpack_remove_X11_wrappers' confuses pyro bitbake parserMatthew McClain
2018-07-10openjdk-8: correct the typo mistakefan.xin
2018-06-19README: add "Testing" sectionRichard Leitner
2018-06-19images/classes: add open{jdk,jre}-{7,8} testRichard Leitner
2018-06-19oeqa: runtime: add java & javac testcasesRichard Leitner
2018-06-19classpath: harmonise -native and -initial-native recipesAndré Draszik