AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-08README.md: Document KronosK-0.1Andrei Gherzan
2015-09-08poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Use bluez5 distro featureAndrei Gherzan
2015-09-08poky-ivi-systemd.conf: User kronos codename and versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-09-08conf-notes.txt: Reference kronos imageAndrei Gherzan
2015-09-08weston: Switch on 1.6.0Andrei Gherzan
2015-06-24weston: Synchronize bbappend version with pokyAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24u-boot: Synchronize bbappend version with pokyAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24ofono: Remove bluez4/5 hackAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24neard: Remove bluez4/5 hackAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24libpcap: Remove bluez4/5 hackAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24connman: Remove bluez4/5 hackAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24bluez5: Remove EXTRA_OECONF hack as fix is in poky alreadyAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24busybox: Synchronize bbappend version with pokyAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24common-api-c++*: Fix build with automake 1.15Andrei Gherzan
2015-06-24persistence-administrator: Fix support for json-c >= 0.12Andrei Gherzan
2015-06-24pulseaudio: Synchronize bbappend version with pokyAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24ivi-image.bb: Switch on Kronos versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24jupiter-image.bb: Switch on kronos name and versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24MAINTAINERS: Use personal emailAndrei Gherzan
2015-06-24README.md: Switch dependencies on current fido HEADAndrei Gherzan
2015-05-17persistence-client-library: Fix build on 64bit host machineAndrei Gherzan
2015-05-13persistence-common-object: Update to 1.0.3Andrei Gherzan
2015-05-13node-state-manager: Fix buildAndrei Gherzan
2015-05-13dbus: Add patch for new version of common APIAndrei Gherzan
2015-05-13persistence-client-library: Update to 1.0.0Andrei Gherzan
2015-05-13persistence-administrator: Update to 1.0.5Andrei Gherzan
2015-05-13node-health-monitor: Update to 1.3.5Andrei Gherzan
2015-05-13common-api-c++: Update to 2.1.6-p1Andrei Gherzan
2015-05-13common-api-c++-dbus: Update to 2.1.6-p6Andrei Gherzan
2015-05-13audiomanager: Update to 6.2Andrei Gherzan
2015-03-11README.md: Replace intrepid by jupiterAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11ivi-image.bb: Bump PV to match the Jupiter versionAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Replace intrepid by jupiterAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11conf-notes: Replace intrepid by jupiterAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11intrepid-image: Replaced by jupiter imageAndrei Gherzan
2015-03-11README.md: Bump revision for tested dependeciesAndrei Gherzan
2015-02-16GDP: remove GENIVI Demo Platform meta dataHolger Behrens
2015-02-16wayland-ivi-extension: add support for version 1.3.0Holger Behrens
2015-02-16weston: disable default virtual keyboardHolger Behrens
2015-02-16audiomanager-poc: upgrade to version of Nov.25th, assign ivi-shell surface IDHolger Behrens
2015-02-16qtwayland: add support for IVI surface ID propertyHolger Behrens
2015-02-16weston: apply ivi-shell click event patchHolger Behrens
2015-02-16weston.ini: use complete file instead of patchHolger Behrens
2015-01-09qemu: add configuration to support pulseaudio as audio driverHolger Behrens
2015-01-09navigation-application: depend on 'qtdeclarative' and disable parallel buildHolger Behrens
2015-01-07navigation-service: Use specific revision for SRCREV instead of AUTOREV and f...Florin Sarbu
2015-01-05packagegroup-gdp-gps: update recipe descriptionHolger Behrens
2015-01-05packagegroup-gdp-fsa: update recipe descriptionHolger Behrens
2015-01-05packagegroup-gdp-browser: update recipe descriptionHolger Behrens
2015-01-05xserver-xorg: remove version 1.16 with xwayland supportHolger Behrens