AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-07-11poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Prepare 6.0.2 (Horizon H-1.1) release6.0.26.0Holger Behrens
2014-07-10README.md: Update poky sha for H-1.1Florin Sarbu
2014-07-10weston: Update to version 1.4.93-v3-transitionFlorin Sarbu
2014-07-10wayland-ivi-extension: Update to version 1.2.0-rc6Florin Sarbu
2014-07-09common-api-c++-*: Don't build with -fvisibility-inlines-hiddenErik Botö
2014-05-13README.md: Update daisy revision and minor correction6.0.1Florin Sarbu
2014-05-13wayland-ivi-extension: Update to version 1.2.0-rc5Florin Sarbu
2014-05-13weston: Update to version 1.4.0-v13Florin Sarbu
2014-05-13dlt-daemon: Update to version 2.10.0Florin Sarbu
2014-05-12Add weston.ini config fileFlorin Sarbu
2014-05-09meta-ivi: refactor layer structureHolger Behrens
2014-04-27persistence-client-library: disable parallel makeErik Botö
2014-04-07Prepare 6.0.0 ( Horizon H-0.1 ) release6.0.0Florin Sarbu
2014-04-04dlt-daemon: Fix build with systemd >= 209.Erik Botö
2014-04-04AudioManager: Remove Restart option from serviceKhan, Yasir
2014-04-04Change vexpressa9 qemu settingsFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04Add new P2 AC component node-health-monitorFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04poky-ivi-systemd.conf: Remove duplicate inclusionFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04horizon-image: Fix typo in recipe nameFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04conf-notes.txt: Add reference to horizon-imageFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04Add horizon-imageFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04Removed x11 from DISTRO_FEATURES and fromFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04packagegroup-abstract-component-p1.bb: Add weston and wayland-ivi-extensionFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04Add CONFIG_BT for the supported machines' kernel configFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04Removed obsolete bluez4 bbappendFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-04Add new package wayland-ivi-extension.Florin Sarbu
2014-04-03weston: Change SRC_URI to a weston fork.Florin Sarbu
2014-04-03packagegroup-abstract-component-p1.bb: Replace bluez4 with bluez5Florin Sarbu
2014-04-03ofono: Add .bbappend for building ofono againstFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-03libpcap: Add .bbappend for building with bluez5Florin Sarbu
2014-04-03connman: Add .bbappend for building with bluez5Florin Sarbu
2014-04-03pulseaudio_5.0.bbappend: Make pulseaudio configure with bluez5Florin Sarbu
2014-04-03bluez5_5.15.bbappend: Change SRC_URIFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-03Remove obex.Florin Sarbu
2014-04-01Change priority from P1 SC to P2 SC for quota and sqliteFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-01common-api-c++-dbus: Update to version 2.1.4Florin Sarbu
2014-04-01node-state-manager: Promote to P1 SC from P1 ACFlorin Sarbu
2014-04-01Promote ofono to P1 Abstract ComponentFlorin Sarbu
2014-03-26node-startup-controller: Current version of systemd has the APIFlorin Sarbu
2014-03-26node-state-manager: Current version of systemd has the APIFlorin Sarbu
2014-03-26node-state-manager: Add dependency on systemdYasir-Khan
2014-03-25Remove use of deprecated PRINC.Florin Sarbu
2014-03-25pulseaudio: Update .bbappend to poky master versionFlorin Sarbu
2014-02-25node-startup-controller: Removed the conditional addition ofFlorin Sarbu
2014-02-25itzamc: Correct LICENSE fieldFlorin Sarbu
2014-02-24node-state-manager: Upgrade to version 2.0.0Florin Sarbu
2014-02-24Add new P2 AC package calledFlorin Sarbu
2014-02-24itzam/C: Added package as a dependencyFlorin Sarbu
2014-02-21AF_BUS: disable in preparation of the move to kdbusHolger Behrens
2014-02-21eglibc: follow upstream to 2.19holger