AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2012-09-19cdv-pvr-driver: fix unpack1.3_M5.rc21.3_M5.rc11.3_M5Ross Burton
2012-09-15meta-intel: move emgd-driver-bin_1.14 to xorg-driver/Tom Zanussi
2012-09-15meta-intel: have fri2 and sys940x prefer emgd-1.10Tom Zanussi
2012-09-15meta-intel: restore emgd 1.10Tom Zanussi
2012-09-15meta-intel: make video acceleration choice dependent on LICENSE_FLAGSTom Zanussi
2012-09-15meta-cedartrail: Update PVR graphics driver to version 1.0.3Rahul Saxena
2012-09-15meta-cedartrail: Add video accelerationRahul Saxena
2012-09-11meta-crystalforest: Add Maintainer.Kishore Bodke
2012-09-07meta-crystalforest: Crystal Forest BSP Created.1.3_M4.rc11.3_M4Kishore Bodke
2012-09-06README: add info explaining meta-tlk layer purposePaul Eggleton
2012-09-05psplash: Add TLK info to psplash imageSaul Wold
2012-09-05base-files: add /etc/motd with TLK infoSaul Wold
2012-09-05linux-yocto: Update linux-yocto for 3.2 and 3.4Saul Wold
2012-09-04meta-emenlow: rename recipes-gnome bbappendsTom Zanussi
2012-09-04meta-intel: remove task-core-tools-profile.bbappendTom Zanussi
2012-08-30meta-intel: use va-impl-intel MACHINE_FEATURETom Zanussi
2012-08-30meta-intel: add va-impl-intel MACHINE_FEATURETom Zanussi
2012-08-30meta-emenlow: unset preferred providers for virtual/libgles[12]Ross Burton
2012-08-29meta-intel.inc: have appropriate BSPs use itTom Zanussi
2012-08-29ia32-base.inc: removeTom Zanussi
2012-08-29meta-intel.inc: new fileTom Zanussi
2012-08-27meta-cedartrail: Update PVR graphics driver to version 1.0.2Rahul Saxena
2012-08-27meta-cedartrail: Update SRCREV for the linux-yocto kernel pvr branchRahul Saxena
2012-08-24crownbay: fix KBRANCHTom Zanussi
2012-08-22ia32-base.inc: Drop glibc --with-tls option, its now the only option for glibcRichard Purdie
2012-08-20meta-cedartrail: fixed PREFERRED_VERSION_linux-yoctoMihai Lindner
2012-08-15layer.conf: Clarify BBFILES comments regarding recipe-* directoriesTrevor Woerner
2012-08-15sys940x: fix libva dependency issuesNitin A Kamble
2012-08-10meta-romley: Add Matrox MGA variable to romley.confKishore Bodke
2012-08-10meta-intel:Add a MATROX MGA variable to ia32-base.incKishore Bodke
2012-08-10meta-romley: Move Matrox MGA Xorg driver to meta-intel/commonKishore Bodke
2012-07-31crownbay: make v3.4 the default kernel1.3_M3.rc21.3_M3.final1.3_M3Nitin A Kamble
2012-07-31crownbay: add recipe extension for linux-yocto-3.4Nitin A Kamble
2012-07-31emgd-driver-bin: upgrade from 1.10 to 1.14Nitin A Kamble
2012-07-27gnu-efi_3.0m.bb: Fix tabs with spaces in python snippetKhem Raj
2012-07-20emgd-driver-bin: remove FILES_${PN}-dev additionTom Zanussi
2012-07-20va-intel.bb: Add compatible host x86/x86_64Khem Raj
2012-07-19jasperforest: retire linux-yocto-3.0Tom Zanussi
2012-07-18meta-jasperforest: switch to linux-yocto-3.4 kernelTom Zanussi
2012-07-17meta-chiefriver: switch to linux-yocto-3.4 kernelTom Zanussi
2012-07-12meta-n450: explicitly specify KBRANCH we expect to useTom Zanussi
2012-07-11linux-firmware: update md5sum for LICENCE.iwlwifi_firmware1.3_M2.rc11.3_M2.final1.3_M2Tom Zanussi
2012-07-11meta-sys940x: Catch up with netbase 4.47 -> 5.0 upgradeRichard Purdie
2012-07-11cedartrail: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2012-07-10sys940x: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2012-07-10romley: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2012-07-10jasperforest: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2012-07-10fri2: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2012-07-10fishriver: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi
2012-07-10emenlow: update kernel SRCREVsTom Zanussi