BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
fidoconnman: Update to 1.30+Jukka Rissanen8 years
masterconnman: Update to 1.30+Jukka Rissanen8 years
dizzyeca: ConnMan needs patches applied to poky in dizzy releaseJukka Rissanen9 years
daisyreadme: Removed extra rootfs.img copying in GalileoJukka Rissanen9 years
desktopMerge branch 'desktop' of git.yoctoproject.org:meta-eca into desktopJukka Rissanen10 years
doraconnman: Backport to dora releaseJukka Rissanen10 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2015-09-27connman: Update to 1.30+HEADmasterfidoJukka Rissanen
2015-09-03eca: Add nmap packageJukka Rissanen
2015-09-03nmap: Added recipe for nmap packageJukka Rissanen
2015-07-16eca: Fix the compilation for non raspberrypi targetsJukka Rissanen
2015-07-14rpi: Use 4.1 kernel by defaultJukka Rissanen
2015-07-14readme: Fix the module nameJukka Rissanen
2015-07-13rpi: Enable Yocto fido release for Raspberry PiJukka Rissanen
2015-07-13rpi: Add support for OpenLabs 802.15.4 card in Raspberry PiJukka Rissanen
2015-07-13eca: Add wpan-tools packageJukka Rissanen
2015-07-13wpan-tools: Added recipe for wpan-tools packageJukka Rissanen