path: root/meta-openstack/recipes-support
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-03-25global: convert license to SPDX variantsBruce Ashfield
2022-01-30mod-wsgi: inherit setuptools3-base not distutils3-basewangmy
2021-12-20mod-wsgi: move to 4.9.0Jeremy Puhlman
2021-11-02global: convert github SRC_URIs to use https protocolBruce Ashfield
2021-10-29global: add explicit branch to all SRC_URIsmaster-nextBruce Ashfield
2021-08-27salt: use $BPN in SRC_URIhonisterAlex Stewart
2021-08-27salt: correct LICENSE md5sumAlex Stewart
2021-07-31global: overrides conversionBruce Ashfield
2021-07-12ebtables: wildcard bbappendhongxu
2020-09-27salt: Move to version 3001.1 and fix RDEPENDSDavid Burns
2020-09-13python3-distro: include as RDEPEND for salt-masterBen Gampe
2020-08-20salt: Remove hardcoded Python 3.7 pathSam Zeter
2020-07-14salt: bump 3000 -> 3001Fagundes, Paulo
2020-02-27] salt: bump 2018.3 -> 3000Fagundes, Paulo
2020-01-29Fix mod-wsgi recipeRebecca Cran
2020-01-22bbappends: make distro feature safeBruce Ashfield
2020-01-22openstack: packages: update for python3Bruce Ashfield
2019-08-30tgt: update DEPENDS and RDEPENDSKai Kang
2019-07-25libbsd: remove bbappendMingli Yu
2019-07-09tgt: upgrade 1.0.73 -> 1.0.79Zang Ruochen
2019-06-03iproute2: update bbappend to match bb versionHongzhi.Song
2018-08-28salt: bump 2016.11 -> 2018.3Sergey Kizunov
2018-08-14tgt: add systemd service fileMingli Yu
2018-07-23:tgt:1.0.67 -> 1.0.73Hong Liu
2018-07-10libbsd: update bbappend to match oe-core versionBruce Ashfield
2018-07-10tgt: Use return instead of exit to restart tgtd, if tgtd is not runningJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa
2018-06-11housekeeping: patch refreshMark Asselstine
2018-06-03tgt: specify -f option in order to load backing store device when tgtd is res...Jagadeesh Krishnanjanappa
2018-04-03postgresql: follow move to recipes-dbs done in meta-openembeddedMark Asselstine
2017-12-01memcached: uprev to v1.5.3Mark Asselstine
2017-11-27postgresql: updates to get things working with systemdMark Asselstine
2017-11-15python-*: fixup postinst scriptsMark Asselstine
2017-08-22cyrus-sasl: drop bbappendMark Asselstine
2017-01-09chef: remove the use of chefMark Asselstine
2017-01-09tgt: ensure build LDFLAGS apply to all executablesMark Asselstine
2017-01-09mod-wsgi: uprev to use git and latest releaseMark Asselstine
2016-12-25housekeeping: rename bbappends to match the recipe versionsMark Asselstine
2016-12-21housekeeping: replace deprecated base_containsMark Asselstine
2016-12-18salt: upgrade to 2016.11Alejandro del Castillo
2016-09-19tgt: 1.0.63 -> 1.0.67Wang Xin
2016-07-21salt-tests: Disable staticdev QAWarningCollin Richards
2016-06-21salt: Add the salt test suiteCollin Richards
2016-06-17salt: upgrade to 2016.3Alejandro del Castillo
2016-04-28nss-pam-ldapd: move from meta-openstack to base layerLiang Li
2016-03-21tgt: pass required CFLAGSMark Asselstine
2016-02-09salt: add python-futures to RRECOMMENDS for salt-commonJosh Cartwright
2016-02-09iproute2: update 3.% -> 4.%Ioan-Adrian Ratiu
2016-02-09fuse: remove bbappend (2.9.3)Ioan-Adrian Ratiu
2016-02-05housekeeping: remove references to openvswitch-controllerMark Asselstine
2015-10-02salt: upgrade to 2015.8Alejandro del Castillo