AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-22identity.bbclass: Fix python synthax errormortyAdrian Dudau
2016-09-19tgt: 1.0.63 -> 1.0.67Wang Xin
2016-09-19identity.bbclass: Enforce octal literal representation in os.chmodAdrian Dudau
2016-09-19openstackchef_inc.bbclass: Update python synthax for exceptAdrian Dudau
2016-09-19python-webtest: 2.0.18 -> 2.0.21Wang Xin
2016-09-19python-eventlet: 0.17.4 -> 0.18.4Wang Xin
2016-09-19python-beautifulsoup4: 4.4.0 -> 4.4.1Wang Xin
2016-09-19nss-pam-ldapd: 0.9.6 -> 0.9.7Wang Xin
2016-08-31spice: Add missing license to LICENSEMark Asselstine
2016-07-24ruby.bbclass: pass LDFLAGS via dldflags to avoid QA warningsMark Asselstine
2016-07-21salt-tests: Disable staticdev QAWarningCollin Richards
2016-07-04python-salttesting: Add ptest output format patchCollin Richards
2016-06-21salt: Add the salt test suiteCollin Richards
2016-06-21python-salttesting: initial versionCollin Richards
2016-06-17salt: upgrade to 2016.3Alejandro del Castillo
2016-06-14python-cinder: Move tgt config files to avoid conflictsHe Zhe
2016-06-10Remove the duplicated recipe of iscsi-initiator-utilsKevin Hao
2016-06-07ruby: fix TypeError exception triggered by python3Paul Gortmaker
2016-06-07python-keystone: fix QA warning of host uid contaminationXulin Sun
2016-06-07python-repoze.lru: Add license to avoid warningHe Zhe
2016-05-31spice: add PACKAGECONFIG for xineramaJackie Huang
2016-05-20qemu: Add packageconfig for libseccomp to avoid rdepend QA warningHe Zhe
2016-05-20python-repoze: Add license to avoid warningHe Zhe
2016-05-20cloud-init: fix installed-vs-shipped issue by creating a separate packageXulin Sun
2016-04-28nss-pam-ldapd: add systemd supportLiang Li
2016-04-28nss-pam-ldapd: move from meta-openstack to base layerLiang Li
2016-04-28python-dateutil: wildcard the version strgingLiang Li
2016-03-21openstackchef: add missing parameter to getVarMark Asselstine
2016-03-21tgt: pass required CFLAGSMark Asselstine
2016-02-19packagegroup-cloud-extras: include xterm only if x11 in DISTRO_FEATURESJosep Puigdemont
2016-02-09xterm: update bbappend to match meta-oe main recipeBruce Ashfield
2016-02-09salt: add python-futures to RRECOMMENDS for salt-commonJosh Cartwright
2016-02-09openssh: update 6.% -> 7.%Ioan-Adrian Ratiu
2016-02-09iproute2: update 3.% -> 4.%Ioan-Adrian Ratiu
2016-02-09fuse: remove bbappend (2.9.3)Ioan-Adrian Ratiu
2016-02-05nova: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05keystone: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05trove: move to latest releaseMark Asselstine
2016-02-05python-oauthlib: allow apache to read requires.txtMark Asselstine
2016-02-05horizon: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05django-openstack-auth: uprev and switch to gitMark Asselstine
2016-02-05neutron: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05heat: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05cinder: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05ceilometer: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05glance: uprev to LibertyMark Asselstine
2016-02-05python-xstatic-roboto-fontface: initial versionMark Asselstine
2016-02-05python-xstatic-mdi: initial versionMark Asselstine
2016-02-05python-xstatic-bootswatch: initial versionMark Asselstine
2016-02-05python-xstatic-angular-gettext: initial versionMark Asselstine