AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-10python-django-appconf: use correct hashesdizzy-junoJosep Puigdemont
2015-09-10spice: add SRCREV_FORMAT to recipeJoe Slater
2015-07-27ruby.bbclass: WARNING FixLi xin
2015-07-27ohai: upgrade 7.0.4 -> 8.5.0Li xin
2015-07-27net-ssh-multi: upgrade 1.2.0 -> 1.2.1Li xin
2015-07-27mixlib-shellout: upgrade 1.4.0 -> 2.1.0Li xin
2015-07-27mixlib-config: upgrade 2.1.0 -> 2.2.1Li xin
2015-07-27mime-types: upgrade 1.25.1 -> 2.5Li xin
2015-07-27highline: upgrade 1.6.21 -> 1.7.3Li xin
2015-07-27hashie: upgrade 2.1.1 -> 3.4.2Li xin
2015-07-27chef-zero: upgrade 2.0.2 -> 4.2.3Li xin
2015-07-22libconfig-general-perl: upgrade 2.51 -> 2.58Li xin
2015-07-22meta-openstack: gptfdisk: Remove recipeIoan-Adrian Ratiu
2015-07-14tgt: update to v1.0.37Bruce Ashfield
2015-06-01salt: upgrade to 2015.5Alejandro del Castillo
2015-06-01salt: add recipe for saltAlejandro del Castillo
2015-05-21openldap: drop bbappendBruce Ashfield
2015-05-21qemu: add (and enable) spice in qemuBruce Ashfield
2015-05-21qemu: drop spice from default packageconfigBruce Ashfield
2015-05-21iproute2: remove patch already appliedTudor Florea
2015-05-21chef: make deploychef dependencies a distro featureBruce Ashfield
2014-12-18hiera: add recipe for hiera 1.3.4YangHaibo
2014-12-18facter: add recipe for facter 2.3.0YangHaibo
2014-12-18puppet: add recipe for puppet 3.7.3YangHaibo
2014-12-03trove: switch to basename <file> <suffix>Bruce Ashfield
2014-11-25core: update to stable/juno release branchesBruce Ashfield
2014-11-18meta-openstack: prefer pexpect 3.3Bruce Ashfield
2014-11-18python-pexpect: fix download locationBruce Ashfield
2014-11-17core: update to juno 2014.2 + dependenciesBruce Ashfield
2014-11-17nova: update configuration settingsBruce Ashfield
2014-11-11core: add juno (2014.2) dependenciesBruce Ashfield
2014-11-10trove: update core package and dependencies to juno -rc2Bruce Ashfield
2014-11-05nova: allow empty schemes at python 2.7.3Bruce Ashfield
2014-11-05websockify: update to 0.6.0Bruce Ashfield
2014-10-27neutron: move from OVS unified to OVS ml2 pluginBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21keystone: update for Juno rc1Bruce Ashfield
2014-10-21horizon/libs: introduce jquery-ui for juno requirementsBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21cinder/libs: add rtslib-fbBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21keystone/libs: introduce oauthlibBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21oslo: add rootwrapBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21nova/cinder/ceilometer: adding missing oslo dependenciesBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21horizon: reorder and update dependenciesBruce Ashfield
2014-10-21horizon: update dependencies for juno rc2Bruce Ashfield
2014-10-17clients: update to juno release candidate versionsBruce Ashfield
2014-10-17horizon: update to juno -rc1 candidateBruce Ashfield
2014-10-17bootstrap-scss: introduce to meet horizon juno dependenciesBruce Ashfield
2014-10-17core: update to juno-rc1 candidate releaseBruce Ashfield
2014-10-14lxc: update bbappend to match meta-virtualization package versionBruce Ashfield
2014-10-14libvirt: update bbappend to meta-virtualization latestBruce Ashfield
2014-09-30add monitoring packagegroup into openstack buildVu Tran