BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastermeta-openstack/README: fix for operator append combined with +=Yi Zhao10 days
master-nextglobal: add explicit branch to all SRC_URIsBruce Ashfield5 weeks
hardknottpython3-posix-ipc: Add LDSHARED to recipeTrevor Gamblin5 weeks
honistersalt: use $BPN in SRC_URIAlex Stewart3 months
gatesgarthpython3-osprofiler: upgrade 2.9.0 -> 3.4.0zhengruoqin13 months
dunfellpython3-distro: include as RDEPEND for salt-masterBen Gampe15 months
warriorpython-automaton: satisfy setup.py setup_requiresBabak Sarashki18 months
zeuslayer.conf: Update PREFERRED_VERSIONzhengruoqin2 years
thudpostgresql: Fix issue where init script is not found.Jeremy Puhlman3 years
rockotgt: Use return instead of exit to restart tgtd, if tgtd is not runningJagadeesh Krishnanjanappa3 years
AgeCommit messageAuthor
2016-01-05python-taskflow: upgrade to 0.7.1 (kilo)fido-kiloJosep Puigdemont
2016-01-05python-glance: upgrade to 2015.1.2 (kilo)Josep Puigdemont
2016-01-05python-swift: upgrade to 2.3.0Josep Puigdemont
2016-01-05python-cinder: upgrade to 2015.1.2 (kilo)Josep Puigdemont
2016-01-05python-ceilometerclient: upgrade to 1.1.2Josep Puigdemont
2016-01-04python-trove: upgrade to 2015.1.2Zongchun Yu
2015-12-11Use a bbclass to remove argparse from requirementsJosep Puigdemont
2015-12-11packagegroup-cloud-extras: include xterm only if x11 in DISTRO_FEATURESJosep Puigdemont
2015-12-11packagegroup-cloud-compute: add tun kernel moduleJosep Puigdemont
2015-12-11python-heat: update to 2015.1.2Josep Puigdemont