path: root/meta-v1000/conf/local.conf.append.v1000
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-04-17local.conf.append.v1000: whitelist x264 for commercial multimediaAwais Belal
2019-03-12v1000,r1000,amdfalconx86/local.conf: organize INCLUDE_<components>Arsalan H. Awan
2019-03-11v1000/opencv: install only if INCLUDE_OPENCV is set to "yes"Arsalan H. Awan
2019-03-11v1000,r1000/opencl: install only if INCLUDE_OPENCL is set to "yes"Arsalan H. Awan
2018-04-17mpv: align with upstreamAwais Belal
2017-09-15ffmpeg: enable deployment on target when commercial bits are addedAwais Belal
2017-08-25v1000: remove CodeXL supportAwais Belal
2017-06-01v1000: drop RT supportAwais Belal
2017-05-25Adding meta-v1000 bsp layerSanjay R Mehta