AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-09-05Merge pull request #551 from abelal/update_vulkanmortyWade Farnsworth
2018-09-05vulkan-samples: upgrade to 1.1.70Awais Belal
2018-09-05vulkan-tools: upgrade to 1.1.70Awais Belal
2018-09-05vulkan-loader-layers: upgrade to 1.1.70Awais Belal
2018-09-05spirv: upgrade spirv for LunarG SDK updateAwais Belal
2018-09-05glslang: upgrade glslang for LunarG SDK updateAwais Belal
2018-08-24Merge pull request #547 from chaudharyak/mortyWade Farnsworth
2018-08-24added RGP with updated LicenseChaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-17Merge pull request #546 from abelal/xvt7Wade Farnsworth
2018-08-17xserver-nodm-init: force the server to be run on vt7Awais Belal
2018-08-13Merge pull request #544 from abelal/force_amdgpuWade Farnsworth
2018-08-10v1000: force autoloading of amdgpuAwais Belal
2018-08-10Merge pull request #543 from abelal/ROCmWade Farnsworth
2018-08-10Merge pull request #542 from chaudharyak/mortyWade Farnsworth
2018-08-10core-image-sato: deploy opencl bits for v1000Awais Belal
2018-08-10opencl: integrate binary solutionAwais Belal
2018-08-10hsa: integrate binary solutionAwais Belal
2018-08-10libhsakmt: integrate binary solutionAwais Belal
2018-08-02llvm update for 2018 Q2Chaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-02xf86-video-amd update for 2018 Q2Chaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-02mesa update version 18.1.0Chaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-02amdvlk update to 1.1.70Chaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-02libdrm update for 2018 Q2Chaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-02amdgpu-firmware/kernel: update for 2018Q2 and add RGP,VkEvent,MDVSYNCChaudhary Amit Kumar
2018-08-01Merge pull request #541 from ArsalanHAwan/snowy-xgbe-net-fixWade Farnsworth
2018-08-01Revert "amd-xgbe bug fixes"Arsalan H. Awan
2018-07-27Merge pull request #539 from abelal/ttyusbWade Farnsworth
2018-07-27v1000.conf: disable ttyUSB0Awais Belal
2018-07-05Merge pull request #535 from abelal/updatesWade Farnsworth
2018-07-04linux-yocto-4.9: backport speculation updates till 4.9.111Awais Belal
2018-06-28Merge pull request #534 from smavila/mortyWade Farnsworth
2018-06-28Removed extra line of whitespace from the fileSudheesh Mavila
2018-06-22 amd-mce bug fixesSudheesh Mavila
2018-06-22amd-iommu bug fixesSudheesh Mavila
2018-06-22i2c bug fixesSudheesh Mavila
2018-06-22mqueue-fix-a-use-after-free-in-sys_mq_notifySudheesh Mavila
2018-06-22ccp-crypto bug fixesSudheesh Mavila
2018-06-22amd-xgbe bug fixesSudheesh Mavila
2018-06-14Merge pull request #530 from abelal/spectre_v4Wade Farnsworth
2018-06-14lttng-modules: fix build with latest kernel changesAwais Belal
2018-06-14linux-yocto-4.9: backport speculation updates till 4.9.107Awais Belal
2018-06-14linux-yocto-4.9: KVM backports for Spectre/Meltdown up till 4.9.88Awais Belal
2018-05-29Merge pull request #528 from abelal/snowyowl-kvmWade Farnsworth
2018-05-25snowyowl/linux-yocto: enable CONFIG_VIRTIO_INPUTAwais Belal
2018-05-23Merge pull request #527 from abelal/v1k-warnsWade Farnsworth
2018-05-23linux-yocto-v1000_4.9.inc: drop unnecessary config fragmentsAwais Belal
2018-05-22Merge pull request #526 from abelal/snowy-rtWade Farnsworth
2018-05-22linux-yocto/rt: adjust spectre/meltdown backportsAwais Belal
2018-05-18Merge pull request #525 from abelal/snowy-rtWade Farnsworth
2018-05-18snowyowl/local.conf: use weak assignment for RT_KERNEL_AMDAwais Belal