AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2016-09-09Merge pull request #344 from drewmoseley/jethrojethroDrew Moseley
2016-09-09Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroDrew Moseley
2016-09-01Merge pull request #342 from abelal/fix_nonetworkcedarDrew Moseley
2016-08-31xf86-video-amd: use hashes rather than tags for SRCREVAwais Belal
2016-08-26Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroDrew Moseley
2016-08-25Merge pull request #339 from rsanjaym/cedarDrew Moseley
2016-08-24add support of SW clock gating for UVD6Sanjay R Mehta
2016-08-05Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroDrew Moseley
2016-08-04Merge pull request #327 from abelal/fix_installDrew Moseley
2016-08-03init-install*: /etc/mtab make a link rather than a copyAwais Belal
2016-07-29Merge pull request #328 from abelal/tscreenDrew Moseley
2016-07-29xinput-calibrator: remove boot time auto launcherAwais Belal
2016-07-29xinput-calibrator: backport geometry fixes from upstreamAwais Belal
2016-07-25Merge pull request #326 from abelal/ext4_prioDrew Moseley
2016-07-22linux-yocto: prioritize ext4 RootFSAwais Belal
2016-07-21Merge pull request #323 from abelal/sanjay_gpu_updatesDrew Moseley
2016-07-20Enabling kernel config for POWERPLAYSanjay R Mehta
2016-07-20Add power gating initialization support for GFX8.0Sanjay R Mehta
2016-07-19Merge pull request #321 from abelal/cedarDrew Moseley
2016-07-19amdfalconx86: drop machine recommendation for gstreamer-omxAwais Belal
2016-07-12Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroDrew Moseley
2016-07-11Merge pull request #317 from abelal/fix_pf_hdmi_audioDrew Moseley
2016-07-11linux-yocto: add support for Stoney HDMI audioAwais Belal
2016-07-08Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroDrew Moseley
2016-07-08libomxil: fix space issue in append overrideAwais Belal
2016-07-06Merge pull request #311 from drewmoseley/multiple-displaysDrew Moseley
2016-06-30amd: Add patch for power management workaround for multiple displaysDrew Moseley
2016-06-27Merge pull request #308 from drewmoseley/SE_regressionMichael Powell
2016-06-27Merge pull request #309 from mwpow3ll/intamddet-1196Drew Moseley
2016-06-27amd-acp-rt286-load: add modprobe.d confMichael
2016-06-27amd-common: add basic calculatorMichael
2016-06-23amd-multimedia: change to amd-commonMichael
2016-06-22amd: Move common kernel patch from meta-amdfalconx86 to commonDrew Moseley
2016-06-22Merge pull request #298 from narindam/cedarDrew Moseley
2016-06-20meta-amdfalconx86: fix display corruption issue on BF platformArindam Nath
2016-06-09meta-amdfalconx86: enable amdgpu powerplay supportArindam Nath
2016-06-09meta-amdfalconx86: remove amdgpu.dal=0 from machine configArindam Nath
2016-06-09meta-amdfalconx86: remove amdgpu.dpm=1 from machine configArindam Nath
2016-05-30Merge pull request #306 from abelal/fix_ptp_configDrew Moseley
2016-05-27linux-yocto: use ptp configuration class conditionallyAwais Belal
2016-05-26Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroDrew Moseley
2016-05-25meta-amdfalconx86: make I2S audio modules autoloadArindam Nath
2016-05-24Merge pull request #303 from abelal/disclaimer_updatesDrew Moseley
2016-05-24local.conf.append.machine: align disclaimer with standard MEL BSPsAwais Belal
2016-05-23Merge pull request #301 from abelal/jethroDrew Moseley
2016-05-23Merge branch 'cedar' into jethroAwais Belal
2016-05-18meta-amdfalconx86: add stoney firmwareArindam Nath
2016-05-17Merge pull request #297 from abelal/kernelupdatesDrew Moseley
2016-05-17meta-amd/common: add I2S audio supportArindam Nath
2016-05-17meta-amd/common: linux kernel updatesArindam Nath