AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-01-30Linux 5.4.94v5.4.94Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-01-30fs: fix lazytime expiration handling in __writeback_single_inode()Eric Biggers
2021-01-30writeback: Drop I_DIRTY_TIME_EXPIREJan Kara
2021-01-30dm integrity: conditionally disable "recalculate" featureMikulas Patocka
2021-01-30tools: Factor HOSTCC, HOSTLD, HOSTAR definitionsJean-Philippe Brucker
2021-01-30SMB3.1.1: do not log warning message if server doesn't populate saltSteve French
2021-01-30arm64: mm: use single quantity to represent the PA to VA translationArd Biesheuvel
2021-01-30tracing: Fix race in trace_open and buffer resize callGaurav Kohli
2021-01-30io_uring: Fix current->fs handling in io_sq_wq_submit_work()Nicolai Stange
2021-01-30HID: wacom: Correct NULL dereference on AES pen proximityJason Gerecke
2021-01-30futex: Handle faults correctly for PI futexesThomas Gleixner
2021-01-30futex: Simplify fixup_pi_state_owner()Thomas Gleixner
2021-01-30futex: Use pi_state_update_owner() in put_pi_state()Thomas Gleixner
2021-01-30rtmutex: Remove unused argument from rt_mutex_proxy_unlock()Thomas Gleixner
2021-01-30futex: Provide and use pi_state_update_owner()Thomas Gleixner
2021-01-30futex: Replace pointless printk in fixup_owner()Thomas Gleixner
2021-01-30futex: Ensure the correct return value from futex_lock_pi()Thomas Gleixner
2021-01-30Revert "mm/slub: fix a memory leak in sysfs_slab_add()"Wang Hai
2021-01-30gpio: mvebu: fix pwm .get_state period calculationBaruch Siach
2021-01-27Linux 5.4.93v5.4.93Greg Kroah-Hartman
2021-01-27tcp: fix TCP_USER_TIMEOUT with zero windowEnke Chen
2021-01-27tcp: do not mess with cloned skbs in tcp_add_backlog()Eric Dumazet
2021-01-27net: dsa: b53: fix an off by one in checking "vlan->vid"Dan Carpenter
2021-01-27net: Disable NETIF_F_HW_TLS_RX when RXCSUM is disabledTariq Toukan
2021-01-27net: mscc: ocelot: allow offloading of bridge on top of LAGVladimir Oltean
2021-01-27ipv6: set multicast flag on the multicast routeMatteo Croce
2021-01-27net_sched: reject silly cell_log in qdisc_get_rtab()Eric Dumazet
2021-01-27net_sched: avoid shift-out-of-bounds in tcindex_set_parms()Eric Dumazet
2021-01-27ipv6: create multicast route with RTPROT_KERNELMatteo Croce
2021-01-27udp: mask TOS bits in udp_v4_early_demux()Guillaume Nault
2021-01-27kasan: fix incorrect arguments passing in kasan_add_zero_shadowLecopzer Chen
2021-01-27kasan: fix unaligned address is unhandled in kasan_remove_zero_shadowLecopzer Chen
2021-01-27skbuff: back tiny skbs with kmalloc() in __netdev_alloc_skb() tooAlexander Lobakin
2021-01-27lightnvm: fix memory leak when submit failsPan Bian
2021-01-27sh_eth: Fix power down vs. is_opened flag orderingGeert Uytterhoeven
2021-01-27net: dsa: mv88e6xxx: also read STU state in mv88e6250_g1_vtu_getnextRasmus Villemoes
2021-01-27sh: dma: fix kconfig dependency for G2_DMANecip Fazil Yildiran
2021-01-27netfilter: rpfilter: mask ecn bits before fib lookupGuillaume Nault
2021-01-27x86/cpu/amd: Set __max_die_per_package on AMDYazen Ghannam
2021-01-27pinctrl: ingenic: Fix JZ4760 supportPaul Cercueil
2021-01-27driver core: Extend device_is_dependent()Rafael J. Wysocki
2021-01-27xhci: tegra: Delay for disabling LFPS detectorJC Kuo
2021-01-27xhci: make sure TRB is fully written before giving it to the controllerMathias Nyman
2021-01-27usb: bdc: Make bdc pci driver depend on BROKENPatrik Jakobsson
2021-01-27usb: udc: core: Use lock when write to soft_connectThinh Nguyen
2021-01-27usb: gadget: aspeed: fix stop dma register setting.Ryan Chen
2021-01-27USB: ehci: fix an interrupt calltrace errorLongfang Liu
2021-01-27ehci: fix EHCI host controller initialization sequenceEugene Korenevsky
2021-01-27serial: mvebu-uart: fix tx lost characters at power offPali Rohár
2021-01-27stm class: Fix module init return on allocation failureWang Hui