AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-10-01Linux 4.19.76v4.19.76Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-10-01f2fs: use generic EFSBADCRC/EFSCORRUPTEDChao Yu
2019-10-01net/rds: Check laddr_check before calling itKa-Cheong Poon
2019-10-01net/rds: An rds_sock is added too early to the hash tableKa-Cheong Poon
2019-10-01net_sched: check cops->tcf_block in tc_bind_tclass()Cong Wang
2019-10-01Bluetooth: btrtl: Additional Realtek 8822CE Bluetooth devicesJian-Hong Pan
2019-10-01netfilter: nft_socket: fix erroneous socket assignmentFernando Fernandez Mancera
2019-10-01xfs: don't crash on null attr fork xfs_bmapi_readDarrick J. Wong
2019-10-01drm/nouveau/disp/nv50-: fix center/aspect-corrected scalingIlia Mirkin
2019-10-01ACPI: video: Add new hw_changes_brightness quirk, set it on PB Easynote MZ35Hans de Goede
2019-10-01Bluetooth: btrtl: HCI reset on close for Realtek BT chipJian-Hong Pan
2019-10-01net: don't warn in inet diag when IPV6 is disabledStephen Hemminger
2019-10-01drm: Flush output polling on shutdownChris Wilson
2019-10-01f2fs: fix to do sanity check on segment bitmap of LFS cursegChao Yu
2019-10-01net/ibmvnic: Fix missing { in __ibmvnic_resetMichal Suchanek
2019-10-01dm zoned: fix invalid memory accessMikulas Patocka
2019-10-01Revert "f2fs: avoid out-of-range memory access"Chao Yu
2019-10-01blk-mq: move cancel of requeue_work to the front of blk_exit_queuezhengbin
2019-10-01blk-mq: change gfp flags to GFP_NOIO in blk_mq_realloc_hw_ctxsJianchao Wang
2019-10-01initramfs: don't free a non-existent initrdSteven Price
2019-10-01bcache: remove redundant LIST_HEAD(journal) from run_cache_set()Coly Li
2019-10-01PCI: hv: Avoid use of hv_pci_dev->pci_slot after freeing itDexuan Cui
2019-10-01f2fs: check all the data segments against all node onesSurbhi Palande
2019-10-01irqchip/gic-v3-its: Fix LPI release for Multi-MSI devicesMarc Zyngier
2019-10-01bpf: libbpf: retry loading program on EAGAINLorenz Bauer
2019-10-01Revert "drm/amd/powerplay: Enable/Disable NBPSTATE on On/OFF of UVD"Shirish S
2019-10-01scsi: qla2xxx: Return switch command on a timeoutHimanshu Madhani
2019-10-01scsi: qla2xxx: Remove all rports if fabric scan retry failsQuinn Tran
2019-10-01scsi: qla2xxx: Turn off IOCB timeout timer on IOCB completionQuinn Tran
2019-10-01locking/lockdep: Add debug_locks check in __lock_downgrade()Waiman Long
2019-10-01power: supply: sysfs: ratelimit property read error messageDavid Lechner
2019-10-01pinctrl: sprd: Use define directive for sprd_pinconf_params valuesNathan Chancellor
2019-10-01objtool: Clobber user CFLAGS variableJosh Poimboeuf
2019-10-01ALSA: hda - Apply AMD controller workaround for Raven platformTakashi Iwai
2019-10-01ALSA: hda - Add laptop imic fixup for ASUS M9V laptopShih-Yuan Lee (FourDollars)
2019-10-01ALSA: dice: fix wrong packet parameter for Alesis iO26Takashi Sakamoto
2019-10-01ALSA: usb-audio: Add DSD support for EVGA NU AudioJussi Laako
2019-10-01ALSA: usb-audio: Add Hiby device family to quirks for native DSD supportIlya Pshonkin
2019-10-01ASoC: fsl: Fix of-node refcount unbalance in fsl_ssi_probe_from_dt()Takashi Iwai
2019-10-01ASoC: Intel: cht_bsw_max98090_ti: Enable codec clock once and keep it enabledHans de Goede
2019-10-01media: tvp5150: fix switch exit in set control handlerMarco Felsch
2019-10-01iwlwifi: mvm: always init rs_fw with 20MHz bandwidth ratesNaftali Goldstein
2019-10-01iwlwifi: mvm: send BCAST management frames to the right stationEmmanuel Grumbach
2019-10-01net/mlx5e: Rx, Check ip headers sanitySaeed Mahameed
2019-10-01net/mlx5e: Rx, Fixup skb checksum for packets with tail paddingSaeed Mahameed
2019-10-01net/mlx5e: XDP, Avoid checksum complete when XDP prog is loadedSaeed Mahameed
2019-10-01net/mlx5e: Allow reporting of checksum unnecessaryOr Gerlitz
2019-10-01mlx5: fix get_ip_proto()Cong Wang
2019-10-01net/mlx5e: don't set CHECKSUM_COMPLETE on SCTP packetsAlaa Hleihel
2019-10-01net/mlx5e: Set ECN for received packets using CQE indicationNatali Shechtman