AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-06-19Linux 4.19.53v4.19.53Greg Kroah-Hartman
2019-06-19rtc: pcf8523: don't return invalid date when battery is lowBaruch Siach
2019-06-19drm: add fallback override/firmware EDID modes workaroundJani Nikula
2019-06-19drm/edid: abstract override/firmware EDID retrievalJani Nikula
2019-06-19x86/resctrl: Prevent NULL pointer dereference when local MBM is disabledPrarit Bhargava
2019-06-19x86/mm/KASLR: Compute the size of the vmemmap section properlyBaoquan He
2019-06-19x86/kasan: Fix boot with 5-level paging and KASANAndrey Ryabinin
2019-06-19x86/microcode, cpuhotplug: Add a microcode loader CPU hotplug callbackBorislav Petkov
2019-06-19RAS/CEC: Fix binary search functionBorislav Petkov
2019-06-19RAS/CEC: Convert the timer callback to a workqueueCong Wang
2019-06-19timekeeping: Repair ktime_get_coarse*() granularityThomas Gleixner
2019-06-19USB: serial: option: add Telit 0x1260 and 0x1261 compositionsDaniele Palmas
2019-06-19USB: serial: option: add support for Simcom SIM7500/SIM7600 RNDIS modeJ├Ârgen Storvist
2019-06-19USB: serial: pl2303: add Allied Telesis VT-Kit3Chris Packham
2019-06-19USB: usb-storage: Add new ID to ums-realtekKai-Heng Feng
2019-06-19USB: Fix chipmunk-like voice when using Logitech C270 for recording audio.Marco Zatta
2019-06-19usb: dwc2: host: Fix wMaxPacketSize handling (fix webcam regression)Douglas Anderson
2019-06-19usb: dwc2: Fix DMA cache alignment issuesMartin Schiller
2019-06-19drm/vmwgfx: NULL pointer dereference from vmw_cmd_dx_view_define()Murray McAllister
2019-06-19drm/vmwgfx: integer underflow in vmw_cmd_dx_set_shader() leading to an invali...Murray McAllister
2019-06-19tools/kvm_stat: fix fields filter for child eventsStefan Raspl
2019-06-19KVM: s390: fix memory slot handling for KVM_SET_USER_MEMORY_REGIONChristian Borntraeger
2019-06-19KVM: x86/pmu: do not mask the value that is written to fixed PMUsPaolo Bonzini
2019-06-19KVM: x86/pmu: mask the result of rdpmc according to the width of the countersPaolo Bonzini
2019-06-19KVM: arm/arm64: Move cc/it checks under hyp's Makefile to avoid instrumentationJames Morse
2019-06-19usbnet: ipheth: fix racing conditionBernd Eckstein
2019-06-19tracing: Prevent hist_field_var_ref() from accessing NULL tracing_map_eltsTom Zanussi
2019-06-19selftests/timers: Add missing fflush(stdout) callsKees Cook
2019-06-19selftests: fib_rule_tests: fix local IPv4 address typoHangbin Liu
2019-06-19libnvdimm: Fix compilation warnings with W=1Qian Cai
2019-06-19scsi: bnx2fc: fix incorrect cast to u64 on shift operationColin Ian King
2019-06-19platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add several Beckhoff Automation boards to critclk_sys...Steffen Dirkwinkel
2019-06-19platform/x86: pmc_atom: Add Lex 3I380D industrial PC to critclk_systems DMI t...Hans de Goede
2019-06-19nvme: fix memory leak for power latency toleranceYufen Yu
2019-06-19nvme: release namespace SRCU protection before performing controller ioctlsChristoph Hellwig
2019-06-19nvme: merge nvme_ns_ioctl into nvme_ioctlChristoph Hellwig
2019-06-19nvme: remove the ifdef around nvme_nvm_ioctlChristoph Hellwig
2019-06-19nvme: fix srcu locking on error return in nvme_get_ns_from_diskChristoph Hellwig
2019-06-19arm64/mm: Inhibit huge-vmap with ptdumpMark Rutland
2019-06-19scsi: lpfc: add check for loss of ndlp when sending RRQJames Smart
2019-06-19scsi: lpfc: correct rcu unlock issue in lpfc_nvme_info_showJames Smart
2019-06-19scsi: qedi: remove set but not used variables 'cdev' and 'udev'YueHaibing
2019-06-19scsi: qedi: remove memset/memcpy to nfunc and use func insteadYueHaibing
2019-06-19f2fs: fix to avoid accessing xattr across the boundaryRandall Huang
2019-06-19Drivers: misc: fix out-of-bounds access in function param_set_kgdbts_varYoung Xiao
2019-06-19s390/kasan: fix strncpy_from_user kasan checksVasily Gorbik
2019-06-19Revert "ALSA: seq: Protect in-kernel ioctl calls with mutex"Takashi Iwai
2019-06-19ALSA: seq: Fix race of get-subscription call vs port-delete ioctlsTakashi Iwai
2019-06-19ALSA: seq: Protect in-kernel ioctl calls with mutexTakashi Iwai
2019-06-19x86/uaccess, kcov: Disable stack protectorPeter Zijlstra