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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-03-07bitbake: .gitattributes: Add to improve git diff for minified css/js filesRichard Purdie
2019-02-25bitbake: bitbake: fix version comparison when one of the versions ends in .Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-25bitbake: cooker: Tweak multiconfig dependency resolutionRichard Purdie
2019-02-25bitbake: siggen: Fix multiconfig corner caseRichard Purdie
2019-02-25bitbake: runqueue: Filter out multiconfig dependencies from BB_TASKDEPDATARichard Purdie
2019-02-17bitbake: runqueue: Fix dependency loop analysis 'hangs'Richard Purdie
2019-02-15bitbake: bitbake: Allow arguments in FAKEROOTCMDJoshua Watt
2019-02-14bitbake: bitbake: cookerdata: Check duplicated BBFILE_COLLECTIONSRobert Yang
2019-02-14bitbake: add unhandled exception information to the logger when exe...Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-12bitbake: bitbake: remove True option to getVar callsAndré Draszik
2019-02-12bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Fixed section head typoScott Rifenbark
2019-02-06bitbake: server/process: Add missing exception raiseRichard Purdie
2019-02-06bitbake: bitbake: ConfHandler: Don't strip leading spacesRobert Yang
2019-02-06bitbake: toaster: correctly register the thud branchDavid Reyna
2019-01-28bitbake: gitsm: The fetcher did not process some recursive submodules properly.Mark Hatle
2019-01-24bitbake: Fix unpack of submodules of submodulesMark Hatle
2019-01-24bitbake: Fix relative URLsMark Hatle
2019-01-21bitbake: bb.tests.codeparser: add parameter expansion modifiers testChristopher Larson
2019-01-21bitbake: bb.data_smart: only try to expand refs to valid variable namesChristopher Larson
2019-01-16bitbake: Refactor the functions and simplify the classMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: Rework the shallow fetcher and test caseMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: revise unpackMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: Optimize code and attempt to resolve locking issueMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: tests/ Add alternative gitsm test caseMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: Add support for alternative URL formats from submodule filesMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: Fix when a submodule is defined, but not initializedMark Hatle
2019-01-16bitbake: bitbake: Fix Deprecated warnings from regexsRichard Purdie
2019-01-14bitbake: bs4/element: Fix DeprecationWarningRichard Purdie
2019-01-14bitbake: bitbake: runqueue: __find_md5__ -> __find_sha256Robert Yang
2019-01-11bitbake: bitbake: runqueue: Use multiconfig name to fetch unihashJoshua Watt
2019-01-08bitbake: data/siggen: Switch md5 -> sha256Richard Purdie
2019-01-08bitbake: codeparser: Switch to sha256 from md5Richard Purdie
2019-01-08bitbake: cooker: Split recipes to parse amongst threads ahead of timeRichard Purdie
2019-01-08bitbake: cooker: Remove Feeder() since its no longer needed with moderm multi...Richard Purdie
2019-01-08bitbake: Add underscore+numeric in overrides datastore testRichard Purdie
2019-01-08bitbake: bitbake: hashserv: Add hash equivalence reference serverJoshua Watt
2019-01-08bitbake: bitbake: persist_data: Fix Locking Protocol ErrorJoshua Watt
2019-01-03bitbake: runqueue: Pass unique hash to hash validateJoshua Watt
2019-01-03bitbake: runqueue: Pass unique hash to taskJoshua Watt
2019-01-03bitbake: runqueue: Track task unique hashJoshua Watt
2019-01-03bitbake: siggen: Split out task unique hashJoshua Watt
2019-01-03bitbake: cooker: fix indirect multiconfig dependenciesAlejandro Enedino Hernandez Samaniego
2019-01-03bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: Support recursive deps with signature filesPeter Kjellerstedt
2019-01-03bitbake: bitbake-diffsigs: Merge with bitbake-dumpsigPeter Kjellerstedt
2018-12-27bitbake: bitbake-user-manual: Created unique tags for glossary variables.Scott Rifenbark
2018-12-26bitbake: process: Rewrite multiple connection handlingRichard Purdie
2018-12-26bitbake: process: Handle EWOULDBLOCK in socket connectRichard Purdie
2018-12-26bitbake: main: When retrying the connection, show the attempt numberRichard Purdie
2018-12-26bitbake: Set socket timeout to 10 secondsRichard Purdie
2018-12-26bitbake: tests/persist_data: Add testsJoshua Watt