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Using multiconfig to build ZU+
-multiconfig dependency has to be added in image file or local.conf.
-For example in core-image-minimal you will need
-do_image[mcdepends] = "multiconfig:zcu102:pmu:pmu-firmware:do_deploy"
+In your local.conf multiconfig should be enabled by:
-Add conf/multiconfig in the build directory and create pmu.conf and zcu102.conf
-Add the following in pmu.conf:
- MACHINE="zynqmp-pmu"
- DISTRO="xilinx-standalone"
- TMPDIR="${TOPDIR}/pmutmp"
+Add a directory conf/multiconfig in the build directory and create pmu.conf inside it.
-Add the following in zcu102.conf:
- MACHINE="zcu102-zynqmp"
- DISTRO="poky"
+Add the following in pmu.conf:
-In local.conf multiconfig is enabled by: BBMULTICONFIG ?= "zcu102 pmu"
+ MACHINE="zynqmp-pmu"
+ DISTRO="xilinx-standalone"
+ TMPDIR="${TOPDIR}/pmutmp"
+Add the following in your local.conf
+ MACHINE="zcu102-zynqmp"
+ DISTRO="poky"
+A multiconfig dependency has to be added in the image recipe or local.conf.
+For example in core-image-minimal you would need:
+ do_image[mcdepends] = "multiconfig::pmu:pmu-firmware:do_deploy"
+This creates a multiconfig dependency between the task do_image from the default multiconfig '' (which has no name)
+to the task do_deploy() from the package pmu-firmware from the pmu multiconfig which was just created above.
+ $ bitbake core-image-minimal
+This will build both core-image-minimal and pmu-firmware.
-bitbake multiconfig:zcu102:core-image-minimal
More information about multiconfig:
-There is additional workaround required in u-boot-xlnx recipe. Add the below dependency
-do_compile[mcdepends] = "multiconfig:zcu102:pmu:pmu-firmware:do_deploy"
Additional Information