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2020-05-06openjdk-8: require GCC >= v6Richard Leitner
2020-01-21README: mention dependency on meta-poky for oeqa image testingRichard Leitner
2019-06-25README: rewrite build host dependenciesRichard Leitner
2019-06-05README: mention new TESTIMAGE_AUTO variableRichard Leitner
2018-10-02README: clarify supported openjdk version/arch/libc combinationsRichard Leitner
2018-10-02oeqa: runtime: java: enable test_java8_jar_comp_mode for armv7Richard Leitner
2018-08-20README: add "Known Limitations/Bugs" sectionRichard Leitner
2018-06-19README: add "Testing" sectionRichard Leitner
2018-06-12README: Remove Mario Goulart from the list of maintainersMario Domenech Goulart
2018-06-12README: add maintainer: Richard LeitnerRichard Leitner
2018-06-12README: add note on how to send a patch series with cover-letterRichard Leitner
2018-06-12README: fix dependent branch namesRichard Leitner
2016-08-24README: mention master in supported branchesMaxin B. John
2016-08-12README: fix branches of openembedded layers we depend onRichard Leitner
2016-01-04openjdk-8-native: fix improper do_install and PROVIDESJackie Huang
2015-12-08openjdk-8: add recipes for openjdk-8 and openjre-8Jens Rehsack
2015-10-28README: add -M to git format-patch suggestionRichard Leitner
2015-10-28README: remove PREFERRED_VERSION from instructionsRichard Leitner
2015-10-28openjdk-7: update to IcedTea 2.6.2 OpenJDK 7u91b01Richard Leitner
2015-10-28README: remove instructions for OpenJDK6Richard Leitner
2015-10-16README: update contact infoMaxin B. John
2015-08-18README: Update PREFERRED_VERSION to new openjdk-7 85b01-2.6.1Richard Leitner
2015-04-28README: Update PREFERRED_VERSION to new OpenJDK-7 version 75b13-2.5.4Sven Ebenfeld
2015-03-31cacao-initial-native, jamvm-initial-native: provide virtual/java-initial-nativeMario Domenech Goulart
2015-03-31README: typo fix (s/lease/least/)Mario Domenech Goulart
2015-01-25README: improve copy/paste experianceMax Krummenacher
2014-12-20README: Improve contributing guidelinesOtavio Salvador
2014-12-17README: Update to DaisyOtavio Salvador
2014-07-20README: minor fixesHenning Heinold
2014-07-20README: update openjdk6 to the latest icedtea versionHenning Heinold
2014-04-07README: update for icedtea version 1.12.8Henning Heinold
2014-01-09README: add section about bblayers.confHenning Heinold
2014-01-09README: update maintainer email-addressHenning Heinold
2014-01-09README: update build informations for java-initialHenning Heinold
2013-09-29README: update the openjdk7 version to 2.3.12Henning Heinold
2013-04-30openjdk6: update version 1.12 to 1.12.5Henning Heinold
2013-04-06openjdk-7: update to version 2.1.7Henning Heinold
2013-03-10README: update about the new versionsHenning Heinold
2013-02-23README: update README with new version and and the PREFERRED_PROVIDER_openjdk...Henning Heinold
2012-11-23README: update version entry for openjdk6Henning Heinold
2012-11-23README: add entries for openjdk7Henning Heinold
2012-03-08README: update openjdk-jre version and remove cacaoHenning Heinold
2012-01-18README: add a note concerning libstdc++-staticEric BENARD
2011-11-26meta-java: initial commitHenning Heinold