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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2013-02-01libfslparser: Update to version 3.0.5Daiane Angolini
2013-01-25libfslcodec: Update to version 3.0.5Daiane Angolini
2013-01-25imx-lib: Update to version 1.1.0Daiane Angolini
2013-01-09fsl-mm-*-codeclib: Fix packaging of librariesOtavio Salvador
2012-12-03libfslparser: Drop the package split as gst-fsl-plugin dlopen themOtavio Salvador
2012-12-03libfslcodec: Fix packaging so libraries are in ${libdir}Otavio Salvador
2012-11-27imx-lib: Fix build system to allow override of CC and AR commandsOtavio Salvador
2012-11-27imx-lib: Set PACKAGE_ARCH to MACHINE_ARCHOtavio Salvador
2012-11-27gst-fsl-plugin: Add gst-fsl-plugin 3.0.1 supportDaiane Angolini
2012-11-27gst-fsl-plugin: Move fsl-mm-codeclib dependencies to 2.0.3 recipeDaiane Angolini
2012-11-27gst-fsl-plugin.inc: Allow use of different source packageDaiane Angolini
2012-11-27libfslvpuwrap: Add libfslvpuwrap 1.0.17 supportDaiane Angolini
2012-11-27libfslparser: Add libfslparser 3.0.1 supportDaiane Angolini
2012-11-27libfslcodec: Add support for libfslcodec 3.0.1Daiane Angolini
2012-11-27fsl-mm-codeclib.inc: Drop duplicated files definitionOtavio Salvador
2012-11-22imx-lib: Add 12.09.01 versionOtavio Salvador
2012-11-19gst-fsl-plugin (2.0.3): Set compatible machine for mx5Otavio Salvador
2012-11-19gsl-fsl-plugin.inc: Set package architecture as machine specificOtavio Salvador
2012-10-19fsl-mm-mp3enc-codeclib: Add PACKAGE_ARCH definitionDaiane Angolini
2012-10-19gst-fsl-plugin: Changed version specific code to gst-fsl-plugin.incDaiane Angolini
2012-10-19fsl-mm-mp3enc-codeclib: update to use inc fileDaiane Angolini
2012-10-15imx-lib: Make patch files specific for 11.09.01 versionOtavio Salvador
2012-10-02fsl-mm-mp3enc-codeclib: Use fsl-eula-unpack class to handle EULAOtavio Salvador
2012-10-02fsl-mm-flv-codeclib: Use fsl-eula-unpack class to handle EULAOtavio Salvador
2012-10-02fsl-mm-codeclib: Use fsl-eula-unpack class to handle EULAOtavio Salvador
2012-09-28imx-lib: Change fetch URI to use FSL_MIRROROtavio Salvador
2012-09-28gst-fsl-plugin: Change fetch URI to use FSL_MIRROROtavio Salvador
2012-09-24imx-lib: Move to 'recipes-multimedia' root directoryOtavio Salvador
2012-07-19gst-fsl-plugin: refactor packaging to use .inc file properlyOtavio Salvador
2012-07-19gst-fsl-plugin: bump PROtavio Salvador
2012-07-18imx-lib: fix packaging of librariesOtavio Salvador
2012-07-02gst-fsl-plugin: fix mfw_v4lsink to play on X11Rogerio Pimentel
2012-06-29gst-plugins-base: gstplaybin2 rawvideo supportAdrian Alonso
2012-06-06imx-lib: Move code to .inc fileDaiane Angolini
2012-06-04fsl-mm-codeclib: move code to a .inc fileOtavio Salvador
2012-03-07gst-fsl-plugin: fix wrong quottingOtavio Salvador
2012-02-28gst-fsl-plugin: fix quottingOtavio Salvador
2012-01-30Merge remote branch 'likewise/master'Otavio Salvador
2012-01-30recipes-multimedia: gst-fsl-plugin: fix compilationDenis Carikli
2012-01-30recipes-multimedia: imx-lib : Fix compilationDenis Carikli
2012-01-06imx-lib: Merge patches from Linux_20201112_20patch_bundle.tar.gzLeon Woestenberg
2011-12-23gst-fsl-plugins: Package the aiur demux registry from /usr/share.Leon Woestenberg
2011-12-20gst-fsl-plugin: Use PLATFORM=MX51, even for i.MX53.Leon Woestenberg
2011-11-07fsl-mm-mp3enc-codeclib: new filesAdrian Alonso
2011-11-07fsl-mm-flc-codeclib: new filesAdrian Alonso
2011-11-07gst-fsl-plugin: update to version 2.0.3Adrian Alonso
2011-11-07imx-lib: update to release version 11.09.01Adrian Alonso
2011-11-07fsl-mm-codeclib: update to version 2.0.3Adrian Alonso
2011-10-19gst-fsl-plugin: define extra packaged filesAdrian Alonso
2011-10-19fsl-mm-codeclib: remove simlinks from shipped librariesAdrian Alonso