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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2018-04-12dpdk: Use git repoKevin Hao
2018-04-09dpdk: remove dpdk-16.04-Fix-for-misleading-indentation-error.patchCalifornia Sullivan
2018-04-09dpdk: Factor out the license info into the specific bbKevin Hao
2018-04-03dpdk.inc: fix missing numa.h by disabling NUMA options by defaultCalifornia Sullivan
2018-03-30dpdk: upgrade to 18.02Awais Belal
2018-01-05dpdk: Add dpdk-test to include test programsHe Zhe
2018-01-05dpdk: use virtual/libibverbsChen Qi
2017-09-26Removal of meta-intel content to make meta-dpdk standaloneSaul Wold