path: root/meta-amd-bsp/recipes-kernel/linux/linux-yocto-4.14.71/1217-drm-amdkfd-Always-release-process-in-a-work-queue.patch
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2020-09-24bsp/kernel: rm linux-yocto-4.14.71 bits as it is not used by any bspArsalan H. Awan1-64/+0
We are keeping the linux-yocto-4.19.8 for now as r1000 has not moved to linux-yocto-5.4.2 yet. Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>
2019-08-28common: rename to meta-amd-bspArsalan H. Awan1-0/+64
This renames common layers to meta-amd-bsp as it is going to hold all the bsps in it in the following commits. This also changes the layer title in layer.conf from "amd" to "amd-bsp" Signed-off-by: Arsalan H. Awan <Arsalan_Awan@mentor.com>