BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
daisygstreamer1.0-plugins-bad: Build eglglessink for Raspberry PiAlex J Lennon4 years
dizzylinux-raspberrypi: faulty branch and srcrev for 3.16Petter Mab├Ącker4 years
fidorpi-default-providers: Let users overwrite the default providersAndrei Gherzan3 years
jethroREADME: Fix documentation to disable overscanJonathan Liu3 years
krogothbcm2835: Compile examples correct LDFLAGS to avoid HASH errorsAndrei Gherzan23 months
masterrpi-hwup-image.bb: Modified the warning message in do_image_prepend()Steve Pavao4 days
mortyREADME: update dependencies Mirza Krak11 months
pyrodocs, readme: Update branch references for pyroPaul Barker9 months
rockolayer-contents.md: Update documentationAndrei Gherzan4 days
sumolinux-firmware: remove duplicate ${PN}-bcm43455 packageMartin Jansa12 days
AgeCommit messageAuthorFilesLines
4 daysrpi-hwup-image.bb: Modified the warning message in do_image_prepend()HEADmasterSteve Pavao1-1/+1
5 daysmachines: use new format for SERIAL_CONSOLESHugo Hromic6-6/+6
6 daysmachines: Replace obsolete SERIAL_CONSOLE with SERIAL_CONSOLESKhem Raj6-6/+6
6 dayspiglit,kmscube: Disable when using userland graphics driverKhem Raj2-0/+5
6 dayspi-blaster: Fix build with glibc 2.28Khem Raj2-3/+36
6 dayswiringpi: Add missing dependency on libcryptKhem Raj1-0/+2
2018-08-03wiringpi: uprev to 2.46Daniel Rank2-29/+21
2018-07-26raspberrypi3-64.conf: Define only the dtb files that are available for arch64Andrei Gherzan1-23/+1
2018-07-26rpi-base.inc: Split overlays and dtbs from KERNEL_DEVICETREEAndrei Gherzan1-10/+17
2018-07-26linux-raspberrypi: Update to v4.14.58Andrei Gherzan1-2/+2