BranchCommit messageAuthorAge
mastercoretemp: set CONFIG_INT340X_THERMAL only for x86_64Chee Yang Lee4 days
yocto-6.1coretemp: set CONFIG_INT340X_THERMAL only for x86_64Chee Yang Lee4 days
yocto-5.10marvell-cn106xx: change CONFIG_MARVELL_CN10K_FWLOG to CONFIG_MARVELL_FWLOGWenlin Kang4 days
yocto-5.4kver: bumping to v5.4.237Bruce Ashfield9 days
yocto-5.15kver: bumping to v5.15.103Bruce Ashfield9 days
yocto-5.19bsp/intel-x86: Add support for AST GPU driverYongxin Liu3 months
yocto-4.19kver: bumping to v4.19.257Bruce Ashfield7 months
yocto-5.14nft: add NFT_OBJREFPetr Gotthard9 months
yocto-4.14kver: bumping to v4.14.262Bruce Ashfield14 months
yocto-5.13README: Update mail addressJon Mason18 months
AgeCommit messageAuthor
9 dayskver: bumping to v5.4.237yocto-5.4Bruce Ashfield
2023-03-07kver: bumping to v5.4.234Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-17kver: bumping to v5.4.231Bruce Ashfield
2023-02-01kver: bumping to v5.4.230Bruce Ashfield
2023-01-25kver: bumping to v5.4.229Bruce Ashfield
2023-01-19bsp/intel-common: add igc driver for meta-intel bsp machinesTeoh Jay Shen
2023-01-19bsp/common-pc-64 : add igc driverTeoh Jay Shen
2022-12-19kver: bumping to v5.4.228Bruce Ashfield
2022-11-30kver: bumping to v5.4.225Bruce Ashfield
2022-11-16kver: bumping to v5.4.224Bruce Ashfield