AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2019-01-21srtool_start: generate SRTool stop/restart scriptsDavid Reyna
2019-01-20srtool_backup: simplify the backup scriptDavid Reyna
2019-01-19srtool_patcher: fix in-line change handling in public areaDavid Reyna
2019-01-19srtool_patcher: add custom exclusion supportDavid Reyna
2019-01-19srtool: add in-place custom patching supportDavid Reyna
2019-01-17srtool: clean up patcher scriptDavid Reyna
2019-01-17srtool: patcher, Jira template, Jira ACMEDavid Reyna
2019-01-16srtool: pylint for the bin toolsDavid Reyna
2019-01-15views: use subprocess directlyRoss Burton
2019-01-15srtool: separate lastUpdatedDate, enforce date formatDavid Reyna
2019-01-14srtool: updates cleanup #2David Reyna
2019-01-14orm: pylintRoss Burton
2019-01-14pylint srtmainRoss Burton
2019-01-14pylint srtguiRoss Burton
2019-01-14srtgui: pylint-inspired cleanupsRoss Burton
2019-01-14lib/orm: clean up importsRoss Burton
2019-01-14acme: cleanup importsRoss Burton
2019-01-14srtool-requirements: add requestsRoss Burton
2019-01-14srtool: auto-update support cleanupDavid Reyna
2019-01-14srtool: separate update, backup, and utils scriptsDavid Reyna
2019-01-14srtool: complete auto-update supportDavid Reyna
2019-01-13srtool: fix core update implementationDavid Reyna
2019-01-12srtool: add missing environment filesDavid Reyna
2019-01-12srtool: improve CVE status assignments, add CVE 2019David Reyna
2019-01-08srtool: remove obsolete 'orm_cvereference' table checkDavid Reyna
2019-01-07srtool: fix parsing CVE reference separatorDavid Reyna
2019-01-07srtool: fix yp product order numberingDavid Reyna
2019-01-07yoto-project-products: add 2.7/WarriorRoss Burton
2019-01-07yocto-project-products: fix CPEsRoss Burton
2019-01-07bin/*/srtool: don't try Python 2 importsRoss Burton
2019-01-07srtool: add 'superuser' helper script, improve 'tail'David Reyna
2019-01-07srtool: set priority/components new defect from investigationDavid Reyna
2019-01-04srttool: include missing CVE reference informationDavid Reyna
2019-01-01srtool: parameterize the defect new callDavid Reyna
2018-12-30srtool: add defect create from investigationsDavid Reyna
2018-12-30srtool: replace 'toaster_render' with 'managedcontextprocessor'David Reyna
2018-12-30srtool: enable custom report extensionsDavid Reyna
2018-12-30srtool: fix url patterns for master appDavid Reyna
2018-12-30srtool: replace 'datasource_org' with new master app codeDavid Reyna
2018-12-29srtool: generalize the master app (yp, acme, ...) managementDavid Reyna
2018-12-29srtool: add quick test for python3 and sqlite3David Reyna
2018-12-29srtool: remove obsolete fixture filesDavid Reyna
2018-12-28srtool: allow fetch alt cve data for guests, add user doc linkDavid Reyna
2018-12-21srtool_nist: fix typo in exceptionRoss Burton
2018-12-21srtool: fix superuser group value in user tableDavid Reyna
2018-12-21srtool: fix pylint reported issuesDavid Reyna
2018-12-21srtool: cummulative fixes 12/21/2018David Reyna
2018-12-21srtool: make apps order deterministicDavid Reyna
2018-12-19srtool: fix recreate.sh and sanity test outputDavid Reyna
2018-12-19report: incorrect class in super()Ross Burton