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2019-08-02use *correct* flags for open/openat, also apply them for related statHEADross/mastermasterSeebs
2019-08-01handle O_NOFOLLOW in flags for open/openatSeebs
2019-05-15Add SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-only to filesRichard Purdie
2019-04-10fix warnings in renameat2Seebs
2019-04-10Try to handle blocking open.Seebs
2019-04-09don't renameat2 pleaseSeebs
2018-04-13Fix symlink following errorsSeebs
2018-03-31initialize wrappers in syscall wrapperSeebs
2018-03-30Recently (2015) coreutils cp -Rp changed its behavior such that chmod()Seebs
2018-03-29Experimental syscall(2) wrapper.Seebs
2018-02-26Handle more mk*stemp* functions.Seebs
2018-02-15Handle O_TMPFILE more betterSeebs
2018-01-20Fix openat flag #ifdef typopseudo-1.9.0PSEUDO_1_9_0Seebs
2018-01-16Add statvfs wrapperSeebs
2018-01-16Handle long lines in /etc/groupSeebs
2018-01-16handle O_TMPFILE and linkat()Seebs
2017-02-24Don't try to record 0-length posix_acl_default xattrsSeebs
2016-12-12The setcap utility supplied by libcap is used to set capabilities on aSeebs
2016-10-29Experimentally try to make x32 workSeebs
2016-09-30Fix renameat (parallel to previous fix to rename)Seebs
2016-07-05Mark ports/unix/subports executableJoshua Lock
2016-05-18better handling of missing real_foo functionsPeter Seebach
2016-03-10add wrapper for bindPeter Seebach
2016-03-09make bash stop bullying mePeter Seebach
2016-03-02Server launch rework continued, probably finishedPeter Seebach
2016-01-22Fix mknod(...) with no file type bitsPeter Seebach
2015-09-22f*open*: Use more-correct mode.pseudo-1.7.4PSEUDO_1_7_4Peter Seebach
2015-09-04Don't have mkdirat set errno unintentionallyPeter Seebach
2015-09-03Finish (I hope) working around 0700 umasks.Peter Seebach
2015-09-01realpath: allocate memory when null pointer givenPeter Seebach
2015-08-24Small cleanups in passingPeter Seebach
2015-08-24xattrdb bug fixesPeter Seebach
2015-08-21Clean up some const stuffPeter Seebach
2015-08-21New option: Use extended attributes to store db values.Peter Seebach
2015-08-20Drop the allocation in pseudo_fix_path/pseudo_root_path/etc.Peter Seebach
2015-08-20Initial profiling implementation.Peter Seebach
2015-07-171.6.7: fix mkfifopseudo-1.6.7PSEUDO_1_6_7Peter Seebach
2015-07-16Allow fifosPeter Seebach
2014-10-03Possibly fix strange corruptionsPeter Seebach
2014-07-17linux/portdefs.h: fix non-x86 buildPeter Seebach
2014-07-11symbol version tweakspseudo-1.6.0PSEUDO_1_6_0Peter Seebach
2014-07-10make xattr work on DarwinSeebs
2014-06-13Don't follow symlinks for lutimes()Peter Seebach
2014-05-27Typo fixPeter Seebach
2014-05-27Honor umaskPeter Seebach
2014-05-16pseudo_has_unload: add functionPeter Seebach
2014-05-16Permissions handling tweaks (fchmodat, mask out write bits)Peter Seebach
2014-05-15fchmodat: don't pass AT_SYMLINK_NOFOLLOWseebs/xattrPeter Seebach
2014-04-24subports: Use right compilerPeter Seebach
2014-04-24Make configure handle xattr guessing (or specifying)Peter Seebach