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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2015-09-04Add return value printing to wrappersPeter Seebach
2015-08-20Drop the allocation in pseudo_fix_path/pseudo_root_path/etc.Peter Seebach
2015-08-20Initial profiling implementation.Peter Seebach
2014-05-27Honor umaskPeter Seebach
2014-04-24Make configure handle xattr guessing (or specifying)Peter Seebach
2014-04-21Automatic dependency checking for wrappersPeter Seebach
2013-02-26PSEUDO_ALLOW_FSYNC: Allow fsync()pseudo-1.5PSEUDO_1_5Peter Seebach
2013-02-17Darwin fixes for fsync changes, uninitialized variablePeter Seebach
2013-02-16allow pseudo to force asynchronous behaviorPeter Seebach
2012-12-12add linkat() implementationPeter Seebach
2012-02-06fix spaces/tabs in python againPeter Seebach
2012-02-06Fix *at() function interface holesPeter Seebach
2011-06-09Fix realpath(name, NULL) when PSEUDO_DISABLED=1Peter Seebach
2011-04-04Whitespace changes.Peter Seebach
2011-03-25Merge in ports workPeter Seebach
2010-12-07This is a merge of several commits from a tree which turned out toPeter Seebach
2010-11-18Messing with makewrappers: Move templating code out (for planned usePeter Seebach
2010-10-25Clean up makewrappers a bit.Peter Seebach
2010-10-12Remove tabs from makewrappers.Peter Seebach
2010-10-12Was missing copyright in new makewrappers.Peter Seebach
2010-10-11Major change: Replace the shell-based makewrappers with a PythonPeter Seebach
2010-08-26Almost had it! The problem is that because the save ofseebs
2010-08-25Initial attempt at fixing problems with SIGCHLD being blockedseebs
2010-08-11Enable execl, execle, execlp, execv, and execvp wrappersMark Hatle
2010-04-30Miscellaneous cleanup.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Avoid signalling during mutex operations.Peter Seebach
2010-04-26Reduce race condition for unlinks.Peter Seebach
2010-04-05Shuffle some code around.Peter Seebach
2010-03-30Fix copyright information.Peter Seebach
2010-03-29Add password/group call emulation.Peter Seebach
2010-03-26Updates: Enable additional warnings, fix a number of things.Peter Seebach
2010-03-24Prep for chroot handling:Peter Seebach
2010-03-16initial public releasePeter Seebach