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2019-08-02use *correct* flags for open/openat, also apply them for related statross/masterSeebs
2019-08-01handle O_NOFOLLOW in flags for open/openatSeebs
2019-05-15Add SPDX-License-Identifier: LGPL-2.1-only to filesRichard Purdie
2019-04-10fix warnings in renameat2Seebs
2019-04-10Try to handle blocking open.Seebs
2019-04-09don't renameat2 pleaseSeebs
2019-04-09partial fix (??) for an ownership corruption problemSeebs
2018-12-15pseudo_ipc.c: eliminate some code duplicationSeebs
2018-12-15Use MSG_NOSIGNAL if available.Seebs
2018-11-29add missing <stdint.h>Seebs
2018-09-20also make sure inodes are 64-bit values to SQLSeebs
2018-09-20fix gcc7 warningSeebs
2018-09-20attempt to handle large inode valuesSeebs
2018-04-13Fix symlink following errorsSeebs
2018-04-13Fix one more stray slashSeebs
2018-04-13Less chatty debuggingSeebs
2018-04-03Change copyright default.Seebs
2018-03-31initialize wrappers in syscall wrapperSeebs
2018-03-31don't change errno in pseudo_fix_pathSeebs
2018-03-30Fix sticky bits and a couple of test cases.Seebs
2018-03-30Update README and ChangeLog.Seebs
2018-03-29Experimental syscall(2) wrapper.Seebs
2018-03-06Improve path handling by not dereferencing filesSeebs
2018-03-01Don't delete things and not create them.Seebs
2018-02-26Handle more mk*stemp* functions.Seebs
2018-02-19Epoll: use the correct clientSeebs
2018-02-16Allow closing client 0Seebs
2018-02-15Handle O_TMPFILE more betterSeebs
2018-01-20Fix openat flag #ifdef typopseudo-1.9.0PSEUDO_1_9_0Seebs
2018-01-16Half-undo FASTOPSeebs
2018-01-16Add statvfs wrapperSeebs
2018-01-16Merge epoll supportSeebs
2018-01-16Drop diagnostic for missing "real" functionsSeebs
2018-01-16Handle long lines in /etc/groupSeebs
2018-01-16handle O_TMPFILE and linkat()Seebs
2017-12-18Print list of clients on SIGUSR2Seebs
2017-04-13Prevent bash from segfaulting when unloading pseudoSeebs
2017-02-24Don't try to record 0-length posix_acl_default xattrsSeebs
2017-02-03Makefile.in: Stop rebuilding binaries so much.Seebs
2017-02-01pseudo 1.8.2pseudo-1.8.2PSEUDO_1_8_2Seebs
2017-02-01don't remove xattrs still in useSeebs
2016-12-12From: Andrew Shadura <andrewsh@debian.org>Seebs
2016-12-12The setcap utility supplied by libcap is used to set capabilities on aSeebs
2016-12-12From: Rabin Vincent <rabinv@axis.com>Seebs
2016-12-12From: Rabin Vincent <rabinv@axis.com>Seebs
2016-12-12Python scripts are now compatible with both version of python, 2 and 3.Seebs
2016-12-12Python 3 says:Seebs
2016-12-12Python 3 reports:Seebs
2016-11-23Make pseudo -S cmd wait for serverSeebs