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Prevent bash from segfaulting when unloading pseudo
bash's extremely fancy internal awareness of how the environment looks means that, if you directly call the underlying libc "unsetenv" on a variable, bash can end up trying to access a null pointer. Fixing this generically is actually rather hard; you can't really avoid writing to environ on fork() or popen(), even if you change all execv*() functions to use the execv*e() variants. So for now, instead of unsetting the variable, set it to an empty string. Thanks to Saur in IRC for spotting this and helping debug it. Signed-off-by: Seebs <seebs@seebs.net>
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+ * (seebs) don't unset LD_PRELOAD or the like, because if you
+ do that, bash can segfault because it "knows" how many
+ fields are in environ.
* (seebs) import posix_acl_default fix from Anton Gerasimov