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Experimental syscall(2) wrapper.
This wrapper should allow us to reject renameat2 attempts by coreutils, letting us regain functionality on FC27 and related systems. This is not safe/portable/etc even by pseudo's standards, and arguably it should be a separate and optional port. [Amended commit: Don't include the dodgy renameat2 wrapper which it turns out we'd never hit anyway.] Signed-off-by: Seebs <seebs@seebs.net>
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+ * (seebs) wrap syscall, and if SYS_renameat2 exists, try to
+ reject it with ENOSYS, because coreutils started using a
+ new syscall. An actual renameat2 wrapper will be a major
+ effort ("changing the pseudo_ipc data structure") and is
+ pointless when glibc hasn't got a wrapper so we have no
+ viable test cases.
* (seebs) Update path handling a bit to correctly fail if a path
tries to have a slash after a plain file name, even in cases