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don't change errno in pseudo_fix_path
Two issues: (1) pseudo_fix_path could call lstat("") which generated ENOENT, (2) some people, and I'm totally not staring intently at cross-localedef here, don't know that it is in general *not* valid to check errno unless an operation has failed, and the mere fact that something set errno does not mean that the error indicated actually occurred or has any relevance to you. Nonetheless, pseudo_fix_path now saves and restores errno, and cross-localedef can just go ahead and check it as though it were guaranteed not to sometimes get set even though no error occurred. Signed-off-by: Seebs <seebs@seebs.net>
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+ * (seebs) keep pseudo_fix_path from changing errno, because
+ *some* people think they should check errno to find out
+ whether an error occurred, even if no call has returned
+ a status indicating an error, and this is completely wrong
+ but we can't fix them all.
* (seebs) fix path stuff more thoroughly.
* (seebs) Merge suggested README change from Richard Tollerton