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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2017-04-29runqemu: support virtio drive typePatrick Ohly
2017-04-29wic: Fix typo in help screen.Kristian Amlie
2017-04-29oe-find-native-sysroot: don't clear OECORE_NATIVE_SYSROOTRobert Yang
2017-04-29runqemu-gen-tapdevs: fix runqemu-ifup script callMartin Jansa
2017-04-19runqemu: fix incorrect calls to get variable valuesPaul Eggleton
2017-04-14oe-run-native: print more error messagesRobert Yang
2017-04-14devtool: extract: drop erroneous bb.event.TaskStartedPaul Eggleton
2017-04-14devtool: extract: fix handling of failed tasksPaul Eggleton
2017-04-14devtool: modify: add --keep-temp option for debuggingPaul Eggleton
2017-04-13oe-run-native: explicitly use bashbrian avery
2017-04-13oe-find-native-sysroot: add appopriate suggestionbrian avery
2017-04-13oe-find-native-sysroot: work with RSSRobert Yang
2017-04-13Revert "scripts: change way we find native tools (pseudo)"Ed Bartosh
2017-04-13runqemu: use bindir_native property to run ifup/down scriptsEd Bartosh
2017-04-13runqemu: add bindir_native propertyEd Bartosh
2017-04-13runqemu: get qemu from qemu-helper-native sysrootEd Bartosh use pwd for getting user nameMarkus Lehtonen
2017-04-13oe-selftest: Error if known problem variables are setRichard Purdie
2017-04-13yocto-compat-layer: better handling of per-machine world build breakagePatrick Ohly
2017-04-13yocto-compat-layer: test signature differences when setting MACHINEPatrick Ohly
2017-04-13recipetool: create: hide missing npm error when called from devtoolPaul Eggleton
2017-04-13devtool: add: prevent repeatedly running recipetoolPaul Eggleton
2017-04-13devtool: add: fix node.js/npm handling with recipe specific sysrootsPaul Eggleton
2017-04-13recipetool: create: fix for regression in npm license handlingPaul Eggleton
2017-04-12yocto-compat-layer: add --additional-layersPatrick Ohly
2017-04-12yocto-compat-layer: also determine tune flags for each taskPatrick Ohly
2017-04-12yocto-compat-layer: include bitbake-diffsigs outputPatrick Ohly
2017-04-12oe-selftest: test wic sparse_copy APIEd Bartosh
2017-04-12qemux86-directdisk.wks: vda -> sdaRobert Yang
2017-04-12runqemu: use self.rootfs to replace self.nfs_dirRobert Yang
2017-04-12runqemu: do not rely on grepping imagesRobert Yang
2017-04-12runqemu: run without argumentsRobert Yang
2017-04-12runqemu: support env vars explicitlyRobert Yang
2017-04-11python2/3: Move config/Makefile from core package to dev packageLi Zhou
2017-04-11buildhistory-diff: add option to compare actual signature differencesPaul Eggleton
2017-04-11buildhistory-diff: add option to compare task signature listPaul Eggleton
2017-04-11buildhistory-diff: operate from buildhistory directoryPaul Eggleton
2017-04-10scripts: Drop cleanup-workdirRichard Purdie
2017-04-10scripts/oe-build-perf-report: improve guessing of argsMarkus Lehtonen use proper fallback email addressMarkus Lehtonen support extra args for email scriptMarkus Lehtonen
2017-04-10python3: fix run-time deps for core python3 librariesDmitry Rozhkov
2017-04-10yocto-compat-layer: limit report of signature changesPatrick Ohly
2017-04-10yocto-compat-layer: fix also other command invocationsPatrick Ohly fix one file pathMarkus Lehtonen
2017-04-10runqemu: use realpath for imgdirRobert Yang
2017-04-10runqemu: fix 2 typosRobert Yang
2017-04-05wic: improve error messageChen Qi
2017-04-05Revert "filemap: remove FilemapSeek class"Ed Bartosh support sending email reportsMarkus Lehtonen