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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2014-01-02wipe-sysroot: explain what is being deleted, and check for argumentsRoss Burton avoid showing misleading error messagesJackie Huang
2013-12-20yocto-bsp: Add missing interfaces file for qemu BSP templatesTom Zanussi
2013-12-20runqemu: Allow user to set -vga option with qemuparamsValentin Popa
2013-12-18scripts/contrib: Add graph-toolPaul Eggleton
2013-12-09runqemu: remove core-image-* whitelistScott Garman
2013-12-06python: Add missing RDEPENDS for python-unittestMike Looijmans
2013-12-05lib/oeqa/selftest/base, scripts/oe-selftest: fix wrong remove path and do a c...Stefan Stanacar
2013-12-03scripts/oe-selftest: script to run builds as unittest against bitbake or vari...Stefan Stanacar
2013-12-03classes/package: record PKGSIZE as total file size in pkgdataPaul Eggleton
2013-12-03classes/package: fix FILES_INFO serialisation in pkgdataPaul Eggleton
2013-11-26classes/image: write image manifestPaul Eggleton
2013-11-21yocto-bsp: Add missing format specifier in bblayers error messageBastien JAUNY
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Add option --minutes to show time in minutesPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Add a color for the package_write_* tasksPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Reorder the legend to match the task execution orderPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Make bars without a specified color whitePeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Make "Show more" show all processesPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Draw a lot less ticksPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Disable options that do not make sensePeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: No need to do a double list comprehension over filesPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Avoid having overlapping process barsPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Use correct header heightPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Correct the X offset for the chartPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Set the initial state of "Show more" correctlyPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Make the horizontal scaling stay within boundsPeter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-18pybootchartgui: Import pybootchartgui 0.14.5Peter Kjellerstedt
2013-11-14scripts/create-recipe: fix handling of --helpPaul Eggleton
2013-10-30wic: Remove selinux_check()Tom Zanussi
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: fix global name 'debug' is not definedPaul Eggleton
2013-10-29scripts: Add and dirsize.pyDarren Hart
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: add ability to find a recipe from a target packagePaul Eggleton
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: add ability to look up runtime package namesPaul Eggleton
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: add ability to search for a target pathPaul Eggleton
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: check path arguments to ensure they existPaul Eggleton
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: improve help text and command line parsingPaul Eggleton
2013-10-29scripts/oe-pkgdata-util: remove remnants of former pkgdata structurePaul Eggleton Allow script to work with Python 2.4 and 3.Konrad Scherer
2013-10-26runqemu-extract-sdk: add --numeric-owner option to tar commandChen Qi
2013-10-26buildhistory-diff: add ability to report version changesPaul Eggleton
2013-10-23wic: Update and generalize pseudo setup for rootfs generationTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Make find_binary_path() more user-friendlyTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Remove binary dependenciesTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Remove rpmmisc call from livecdTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Remove rpm and grabber dependencies from BaseImageCreatorTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: remove rpm warning code from BackendPluginTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Remove dependency on myurlgrab moduleTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Remove dependency on rpmmiscTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: eliminate module checksTom Zanussi
2013-10-23wic: Remove dependency on rt_util moduleTom Zanussi