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2013-03-21scripts/qemu-testlib: Add more debugging information1.4_M5.rc1Richard Purdie
2013-03-20scripts/runqemu-internal: Fix lock racesRichard Purdie
2013-03-20runqemu: Improve error handling/exit codesRichard Purdie
2013-03-20qemuimage-testlib: Add extra debugging and sanity checkRichard Purdie
2013-03-20qemuimage-testlib: Add delay to work around races in qemu startupRichard Purdie
2013-03-19qemuimage-testlib: Fix IP address handlingRichard Purdie
2013-03-19scripts/qemutestlib: Add better process debugging and fix process group issueRichard Purdie
2013-03-19layer.conf: avoid unnecessary early expansion with :=Christopher Larson
2013-03-19qemu-testlib: Add python helper and simplify shellRichard Purdie create a proper ESPKoen Kooi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: add machine-user-features.scc to templatesTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-kernel: add support for destroying recipe-space kernel featuresTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-kernel: add support for creating recipe-space kernel featuresTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-kernel: add support for printing kernel feature descriptionsTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-kernel: add support for listing available kernel featuresTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-kernel: add support for kernel feature add/rm/listTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: upgrade i386 template with emgd 1.16Tom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: add support for linux-yocto-devTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: add support for tinyTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: update linux-yocto-rt_3.4 .bbappendsTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: update machine-preempt-rt.sccTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: update 3.4 .bbappendsTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: update machine-standard.sccTom Zanussi
2013-03-17scripts/lib/bsp/ add preempt-rt and tiny to map_standard_kbranch()Tom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: use map_standard_branch()Tom Zanussi
2013-03-17scripts/lib/bsp/ update map_standard_kbranch()Tom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: update default custom kernelTom Zanussi
2013-03-17yocto-bsp: add 3.8/remove 3.2 kernel from templatesTom Zanussi Cope with translations and modelnames with 'Disk' in it.Koen Kooi
2013-03-07bitbake-whatchanged: print what is about to happenRobert Yang
2013-03-07bitbake.conf: add STAMPS_DIR for constructing STAMPRobert Yang
2013-03-02qemuimage-tests/dmesg: Add exception for error message on qemuarm with 3.8 ke...Richard Purdie don't hardcode available sstate_suffixesHongxu Jia the incorrect usage of option `-d'Hongxu Jia fix remove duplicate failed when multiple archsHongxu Jia
2013-02-15scripts/bitbake: Remove all instances of paths to a layer's scripts directory.Franklin S. Cooper Jr
2013-02-14Python: Add missing dependency "textutils" to "io" packageMiLo
2013-02-13scripts/qemuimage-testlib: Use wide option to ps callsMichael Halstead
2013-02-13Add separate directory for postinstall interceptsLaurentiu Palcu allow to work with python 2.4.xJason Wessel Fix corruption of sdk binariesJason Wessel
2013-02-11oe-git-proxy*: Remove previous git proxy solutionsDarren Hart
2013-02-11oe-git-proxy: Use socat instead of BSD ncDarren Hart
2013-02-11oe-git-proxy: Add a new comprehensive git proxy scriptDarren Hart
2013-02-11oe-buildenv-internal: Add upper and lower case proxy vars to BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITEDarren Hart
2013-02-11oe-buildenv-internal: Remove GIT variables from BB_ENV_EXTRAWHITEDarren Hart
2013-02-11runqemu: add option to make the VNC server publically availableRoss Burton
2013-02-08scripts/create-recipe: Bugfixes for create-recipe easy_install handling.David Nyström
2013-02-08create-pull-request: Error message on missing -uBernhard Reutner-Fischer
2013-02-07yocto-bsp: prepend includes in machine.scc files with machineTom Zanussi