path: root/scripts/lib/recipetool/
AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2021-08-17package/scripts: Fix FILES_INFO handlingRichard Purdie
2021-08-02Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie
2019-05-09meta/lib+scripts: Convert to SPDX license headersRichard Purdie
2018-07-26logging: use warning instead warnChen Qi
2016-12-16scripts: remove True option to getVarFlag callsJoshua Lock
2016-12-16scripts: remove True option to getVar callsJoshua Lock
2016-12-14devtool / recipetool: use tinfoil parsing APIPaul Eggleton
2016-08-18devtool/recipetool/meta: Adapt to bitbake API changes for multi-configuration...Richard Purdie
2016-06-02scripts: Fix encoding errors for python3Ed Bartosh
2016-06-02scripts: Fix deprecated dict methods for python3Ed Bartosh
2015-12-01recipetool: make plugin registration function name consistent with devtoolPaul Eggleton
2015-11-25recipetool.append: don't choke on a trailing ; in a urlChristopher Larson
2015-09-12devtool: make plugin_init optionalEd Bartosh
2015-07-27recipetool.append: add extralines arg to appendsrcChristopher Larson
2015-07-23recipetool: appendsrcfile: handle S == STAGING_KERNEL_DIRChristopher Larson
2015-07-23recipetool: appendsrcfile: use -D, not -d for destdirChristopher Larson
2015-07-23recipetool: appendsrcfile: fix duplicate SRC_URI checkChristopher Larson
2015-07-12recipetool/append: Fix selftest failure with multilibRichard Purdie
2015-06-27recipetool: add appendsrcfile(s) sub-commandsChristopher Larson
2015-06-27recipetool.append: use argparse types for validationChristopher Larson
2015-06-18recipetool: appendfile: fix file command error handlingPaul Eggleton
2015-06-18recipetool: appendfile: clarify help textPaul Eggleton
2015-05-20recipetool: add appendfile subcommandPaul Eggleton