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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
5 dayswic: add 'none' fstype for custom imageJeongBong Seo
5 daysrecipetool: Update for class changesRichard Purdie
5 daysscripts: Add copyright statements to files without oneRichard Purdie
13 daysdevtool/upgrade: catch bb.fetch2.decodeurl errorsAlexander Kanavin
13 daysdevtool/upgrade: correctly clean up when recipe filename isn't yet knownAlexander Kanavin
2022-08-02wic/bootimg-efi: Add support for loading devicetree filesJan Kiszka
2022-08-02wic/bootimg-efi: Factor out some common bitsJan Kiszka
2022-08-02wic/bootimg-efi: use cross objcopy when building unified kernel imageRoss Burton
2022-08-02wic: add target tools to PATH when executing native commandsRoss Burton
2022-07-23wic/plugins/rootfs: Fix NameError for 'orig_path'Mihai Lindner
2022-07-14devtool: finish: handle patching when S points to subdir of a git repoPaul Eggleton
2022-07-12devtool: ignore pn- overrides when determining SRC_URI overridesPaul Eggleton
2022-07-01scriptutils: fix style to be more PEP8 compliantMarius Kriegerowski
2022-07-01recipetool/devtool: Fix python egg whitespace issues in PACKAGECONFIGThomas Roos
2022-06-11devtool: Fix _copy_file() TypeErrorXiaobing Luo
2022-05-27wic/plugins/images/direct: Allow changes in fstab on rootfsTobias Schmidl
2022-05-16wic: added fspassno parameter to partitionClaudius Heine
2022-05-08wic/plugins/rootfs: Fix permissions when splitting rootfs folders across part...Felix Moessbauer
2022-04-27wic: Add dependencies for erofs-utilsSean Anderson
2022-04-22wic: do not use PARTLABEL for msdos partition tablesHenning Schild
2022-04-19recipetool: Do not use mutable default arguments in PythonStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2022-03-10meta/scripts: Improve internal variable namingSaul Wold
2022-03-02recipetool/devtool: Further SPDX identifier cleanupsRichard Purdie
2022-03-01recipetool: Use SPDX license identifiersPeter Kjellerstedt
2022-03-01recipetool/create_buildsys_python: Add support for more known licensesPeter Kjellerstedt
2022-02-21meta/scripts: Change BB_ENV_EXTRA_WHITE -> BB_ENV_PASSTHROUGH_ADDITIONSRichard Purdie
2022-02-21yocto-check-layer: add ability to perform tests from a global bbclassDenys Dmytriyenko
2022-02-21devtool: explicitly set main or master branches in upgrades when availableAlexander Kanavin
2022-02-16wic: rawcopy: Add support for packed imagesStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2022-02-16wic: partition: Support valueless keys in sourceparamsStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2022-02-12scriptutils: Fix handling of srcuri urlsRichard Purdie
2022-02-07devtool: deploy-target: Remove stripped binaries in pseudo contextFlorian Amstutz
2022-02-05yocto-check-layer: check for duplicate layers when finding layersRoss Burton
2022-02-05recipetool: Fix circular reference in SRC_URISaul Wold
2022-02-03devtool: sdk-update: Remove an unnecessary \n from SSTATE_MIRRORSPeter Kjellerstedt
2022-01-12recipetool/ less distutilsTim Orling
2022-01-05scripts: Update to use exec_module() instead of load_module()Richard Purdie
2021-12-20recipetool: Separate licenses with & operatorStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2021-12-20recipetool: Sort output of guess_license function to be deterministicStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2021-12-09recipetool: Set master branch only as fallbackStefan Herbrechtsmeier
2021-12-04yocto-check-layer: Relax README case checksJoshua Watt
2021-12-04yocto-check-layer: disregard checks if referencing another README fileJon Mason
2021-12-03yocto-check-layer: Add additional README checksDhruva Gole
2021-12-03recipetool: extend curl detection when creating recipesRoss Burton
2021-12-03recipetool: handle GitLab URLs like we do GitHubRoss Burton
2021-12-01scripts/checklayer/ Fixed a minor grammatical errorDhruva Gole
2021-11-24wic: support rootdev identified by partition labelSchmidt, Adriaan
2021-11-21wic: use shutil.whichMingli Yu
2021-11-11scripts/lib/wic/ Update Fedora Kickstart URLsJon Mason
2021-11-10wic: Use os.rename instead of bb.utils.renameKhem Raj