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2015-04-29busybox: unbreak tar of uncompressed filesyocto-1.7.2dizzy-12.0.2Saul Wold
2015-04-27fontcache: allow to pass different fontconfig cache dirMartin Jansa
2015-04-27postinst-intercepts/update_font_cache: fix ownership of fontconfig cacheJonathan Liu
2015-04-27pulseaudio: use stricter PACKAGES_DYNAMICMartin Jansa
2015-04-20valgrind: enable building on 4.x kernelMartin Jansa
2015-04-18build-appliance-image: Update to dizzy head revisionRichard Purdie
2015-04-18dpkg: Fix patch to adjust for older codeSaul Wold
2015-04-17build-appliance-image: Update to dizzy head revisionRichard Purdie
2015-04-17gcc-target: Don't install target gcc libdir filesRichard Purdie
2015-04-17initscripts: Remove /etc/volatile.cache on upgradeBryan Evenson
2015-04-17base-files: Check for /run and /var/lock softlinks on upgradeBryan Evenson
2015-04-17dpkg-native: Avoid 'file changed' errors from tarRichard Purdie
2015-04-17files/ fix replace target_sdk_dir twice in environ...Aníbal Limón
2015-04-17gcc-runtime: Remove libgfortran data from receipeDaniel Dragomir
2015-04-17fontcache.bbclass: prepend to PACKAGEFUNCS instead of appendingJonathan Liu
2015-04-17libunwind: backport patch to link against libgcc_s intead of libgccJonathan Liu
2015-04-17autotools: Avoid find race for S = "${WORKDIR}"Richard Purdie
2015-04-17cpio: fix CVE-2015-1197Robert Yang
2015-04-17patch: fix CVE-2015-1196Robert Yang
2015-04-17e2fsprogs: CVE-2015-0247Sona Sarmadi
2015-04-17e2fsprogs: Add a patch to speedup mkfsRichard Purdie
2015-04-17util-linux: fix CVE-2014-9114Armin Kuster
2015-04-17tzdata: update to 2015bArmin Kuster
2015-04-17tzcode: update to 2015bArmin Kuster
2015-04-17tzdata: fix HOMEPAGERobert Yang
2015-04-17which 2.18: fix SRC_URIRobert Yang
2015-04-17dpkg: add perl to RDEPENDSRobert Yang
2015-04-17serf: fix 'ccache' buildsEnrico Scholz fix rootfs failure with multilib enabledChen Qi
2015-04-17linux-yocto/3.17: update to v3.17.8Bruce Ashfield
2015-04-17linux-yocto-tiny_3.17: Update to actually use 3.17 git repoSaul Wold
2015-04-17linux-yocto/3.14: update to 3.14.29Bruce Ashfield
2015-04-17linux-yocto/3.10: update to v3.10.65Bruce Ashfield
2015-04-17powertop: Fix build for !uclibcMartin Jansa
2015-04-15toolchain-scripts: Allow the CONFIGSITE_CACHE variable to be overriddenRichard Purdie
2015-04-15openssl: Fix x32 openssl patch which was not buildingBrendan Le Foll
2015-03-28Revert "file: Update CVE patch to ensure file gets built correctly"Richard Purdie
2015-03-28file: Update CVE patch to ensure file gets built correctlyRichard Purdie
2015-03-27liburcu: revert ARM GCC blacklist commitJonathan Liu
2015-03-27systemd: fix /var/log/journal ownershipJonathan Liu
2015-03-26udev: don't keep ptest testdata laying aroundMax Krummenacher
2015-03-26udev: fix ptest rule syntax checkMax Krummenacher
2015-03-25openssl: Upgrade to 1.0.1mBrendan Le Foll
2015-03-25busybox: libarchive: open_zipped() does not need to check extensionsAndre McCurdy
2015-03-25busybox: lzop: add overflow check (CVE-2014-4607)Andre McCurdy
2015-03-03lib/oe/package_manager: support exclusion from complementary glob process by ...Paul Eggleton
2015-03-03utils.bbclass: fix create_cmdline_wrapperJavier Viguera
2015-02-13toaster.bbclass: use the openembedded-core nameAlexandru DAMIAN
2015-02-11groff: fix QA issue with rdependsArmin Kuster
2015-02-11systemd: Backports fixes to 216Khem Raj