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6 daysbash: build with bash_cv_getcwd_malloc=yes on musl tooKhem Raj
2022-03-15ppc/siteinfo: Fix differences between musl and glibcKhem Raj
2022-03-15powerpc32-linux: Remove libc cached variablesKhem Raj
2021-11-01site/common-musl: Enable qsort_r in glibKhem Raj
2021-09-23site: Drop ORBit2 relared cached variablesKhem Raj
2021-09-23site: Drop caching libIDL_cv_long_long_formatKhem Raj
2021-03-23site/elfutils/libunistring: Drop patching for iconv and set in site fileRichard Purdie
2020-07-22site: Make sys_siglist default to noKhem Raj
2020-01-16site: Remove sctp related configsPau Espin Pedrol
2020-01-11site: musl and glibc have working mktime()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: strtod() works in glibc / muslAndré Draszik
2020-01-11site: set nanosleep() behaviour for glibc / muslAndré Draszik
2020-01-11site: on linux, link(2) doesn't follow symlinksAndré Draszik
2020-01-11site: on linux, pipes are fifos with max link count of 1André Draszik
2020-01-11site: musl and glibc have working utimes()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: linux supports NULL in utime()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: musl and glibc have working getgroups()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: set getcwd() test result for abort()-bug for glibc / muslAndré Draszik
2020-01-11site: set getcwd() behaviour for long paths for glibc / muslAndré Draszik
2020-01-11site: musl and glibc have glibc compatible getcwd()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: linux supports unlink() of executing programAndré Draszik
2020-01-11site: musl and glibc have glibc compatible calloc()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: musl and glibc have working mkstemp()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: musl has working memcmp()André Draszik
2020-01-11site: linux has working chown()André Draszik
2018-09-21siteinfo: Define data for ARCAlexey Brodkin
2018-06-04site/powerpc64-linux: add cvs_cv_func_printf_ptrRobert Yang
2018-03-25site/risc-v: Cache common variables to build libIDLKhem Raj
2018-03-15site/riscv: Shunt the realloc configure test for startup-notificationKhem Raj
2018-02-16site/common-linux: coreutils: get the uptime program to workSean Nyekjaer
2018-01-14site/*-linux: don't cache ac_cv_sizeof_boolIoan-Adrian Ratiu
2018-01-04site/common: Allow ac_cv_path_SED to be overridden2.5_M1Richard Purdie
2017-12-10site: consolidate ac_cv_func_mmap_fixed_mapped definitionsRoss Burton
2017-11-21site/microblaze-linux: Add MicroBlaze linux site infoNathan Rossi
2017-11-05site: Add riscv32 and riscv64Khem Raj
2017-10-07siteinfo: nios2-linux - remove wrong mutex infoJuro Bystricky
2017-08-16site/ix86-common: Drop ac_cv_sizeof_ino_t as it can be incorrect with large f...Richard Purdie
2017-06-22meta: Remove further uclibc remnants (inc. patches and site files)Richard Purdie
2016-10-07siteinfo.bbclass: Add mipsisa{32, 64}r6{el, } supportZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
2016-10-01mips64-linux: set ac_cv_sizeof_ssize_t for mips64elZubair Lutfullah Kakakhel
2016-07-20site: Move rsync_cv_HAVE_C99_VSNPRINTF to common-linuxKhem Raj
2016-04-12meta/site: remove sizeof_off_tRoss Burton
2016-03-28site: Cache config vars for ccacheKhem Raj
2016-03-20siteinfo: Move apr configure cache to common-linuxKhem Raj
2015-12-14site/common-linux: Add some macros to avoid sleeps during configureRichard Purdie
2015-09-23siteinfo: Add nios2-linuxMarek Vasut
2015-07-23common-glibc: define bash_cv_getcwd_mallocJoe Slater
2014-12-23siteinfo: account for 32 and 64 bit armJoe Slater
2014-08-18site/common-darwin: Really fix common-darwin typoRichard Purdie
2014-08-15site: Add common-darwinRichard Purdie