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2019-03-18vim: Update to 8.1.1017Tom Rini
2019-03-11nspr: update 4.21Armin Kuster
2019-03-11nss: update to 3.42.1Armin Kuster
2019-03-07sqlite3: Upgrade 3.26.0 -> 3.27.2Adrian Bunk
2019-03-06vim: Import version 8.1.0347Tom Rini
2019-03-06rng-tools: Make nistbeacon support optionalAdrian Bunk
2019-03-06rng-tools: Don't depend on libgcrypt when the PACKAGECONFIG is disabledAdrian Bunk
2019-03-06icu: fix CVE-2018-18928Ross Burton
2019-02-28libpcre: enable JITRoss Burton
2019-02-28libpcre: recipe cleanupRoss Burton
2019-02-25libgpg-error: Support build for native on ppc hostSerhey Popovych
2019-02-25libpcre: upgrade to 8.43Ross Burton
2019-02-25debianutils: update to Zhao
2019-02-25libassuan: upgrade 2.5.2 -> 2.5.3Richard Purdie
2019-02-25gnupg: upgrade 2.2.12 -> 2.2.13Richard Purdie
2019-02-25curl: upgrade 7.63.0 -> 7.64.0Richard Purdie
2019-02-20ca-certificates: upgrade 20180409 -> 20190110Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-20iso-codes: upgrade 4.1 -> 4.2Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-20p11-kit: upgrade 0.23.14 -> 0.23.15Alexander Kanavin
2019-02-19lzop: upgrade 1.03 -> 1.04Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-02-19lz4: upgrade 1.8.2 -> 1.8.3Denys Dmytriyenko
2019-02-19libsoup-2.4: convert from autotools to mesonAlexander Kanavin
2019-02-17bmap-tools: update from 3.4 to 3.5Alex Kiernan
2019-02-12libunwind: Upgrade to 1.3.1 releaseKhem Raj
2019-02-07mpfr: Upgrade to 4.0.2 releaseKhem Raj
2019-02-02libproxy: Fix build with clang/libc++Khem Raj
2019-02-02libusb1: Add udev supportAlistair Francis
2019-01-31libgpg-error: Bump to version 1.35Alistair Francis
2019-01-31vte: allow building vte-native with gcc 4.8Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-31atk: disable gobject-introspection for nativesdkAlexander Kanavin
2019-01-31ptest-runner: Upgrade to 2.3.1Aníbal Limón
2019-01-28shared-mime-info: update the database also in native buildsAlexander Kanavin
2019-01-28meta: add native and nativesdk variants to various recipes to enable gtk+3-na...Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-24ptest-runner: pass libdir to DEFAULT_DIRECTORY when compilingLi Zhou
2019-01-21at-spi2-core: only depend of x11 if in DISTRO_FEATURESPeter Bergin
2019-01-21db5: Fix build issues found with clang/libc++Khem Raj
2019-01-21libxslt: install documentation into an unversioned directoryRoss Burton
2019-01-18libfm: upgrade -> 1.3.1Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-18libfm-extra: upgrade -> 1.3.1Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-18liburcu: upgrade 0.10.1 -> 0.10.2Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-18libxslt: update to 1.1.33Alexander Kanavin
2019-01-16consolekit: enable polkit if polkit distro feature is setStefan Agner
2019-01-16consolekit: rename policykit to polkitStefan Agner
2019-01-14apr/openssl10: Enable ccache for themRobert Yang
2019-01-11ptest-runner: Upgrade to 2.3Aníbal Limón
2019-01-11at-spi2: fix dbus-daemon pathJed
2019-01-11libcap: upgrade 2.25 -> 2.26Yi Zhao
2019-01-11libcheck: update HOMEPAGEYi Zhao
2019-01-11selftest/distrodata: un-break the upstream version check testAlexander Kanavin
2019-01-11at-spi2-atk: upgrade 2.26.2 -> 2.30.0Anuj Mittal