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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
2022-05-20systemtap: update 4.6 -> 4.7Alexander Kanavin
2022-04-19systemtap: Fix build with gcc-12Khem Raj
2022-03-06systemtap: Enable for riscv64Khem Raj
2022-02-20meta/meta-selftest/meta-skeleton: Update LICENSE variable to use SPDX license...Richard Purdie
2022-02-01systemtap: backport buffer size tuning patchesRoss Burton
2022-01-15systemtap: fix vsprintf errorsRoss Burton
2022-01-12systemtap: use setuptools-base not distutilsTim Orling
2021-12-06systemtap: submit patch upstreamAlexander Kanavin
2021-11-23systemtap: upgrade 4.5 -> 4.6wangmy
2021-10-30meta: Add explict branch to git SRC_URIsRichard Purdie
2021-10-28systemtap: address ncurses 6.3 compatibilityAlexander Kanavin
2021-09-24systemtap: update to 4.5-latestBruce Ashfield
2021-09-07systemd: '${systemd_unitdir}/system' => '${systemd_system_unitdir}'Robert P. J. Day
2021-08-02Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie
2021-07-30systemtap: Fix headers issue with x86 and 5.13 headersRichard Purdie
2021-05-25systemtap: update 4.4 -> 4.5Alexander Kanavin
2021-03-11meta/recipes-kernel: Add HOMEPAGE / DESCRIPTIONDorinda
2021-03-02recipes-kernel: Add missing HOMEPAGE and DESCRIPTION for recipes.Meh Mbeh Ida Delphine
2020-12-24systemtap: fix on target build for 4.4 and 5.10+Bruce Ashfield
2020-12-24systemtap: upgrade 4.3 -> 4.4zangrc
2020-11-24systemtap: avoid RDEPENDS on python3-core when not using python3Yann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: split runtime material in its own packageYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: fix install when python3-probes is disabled in PACKAGECONFIGYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: clarify the relation between exporter and python3-probes featureYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: remove extra dependenciesYann Dirson
2020-11-13systemtap: split examples and python scripts out of main packageYann Dirson
2020-08-06systemtap: update to 4.3 latestBruce Ashfield
2020-06-28systemtap: upgrade 4.2 -> 4.3Alexander Kanavin
2020-01-10systemtap: remove the unneeded patchAlexander Kanavin
2019-12-18systemtap: fix builds with newer gettextAlexander Kanavin
2019-11-25systemtap: update to 4.2Alexander Kanavin
2019-10-31systemtap: support usrmergeAlessio Igor Bogani
2019-09-06systemtap: Drop patches merged upstreamRichard Purdie
2019-09-06systemtap: Use latest and greatest git version for 5.2 kernel supportRichard Purdie
2019-05-22systemtap: upgrade 4.0 -> 4.1Alexander Kanavin
2019-03-07systemtap: update to enable 5.0 kernel capabilitiesBruce Ashfield
2018-10-28systemtap: move systemtap-exporter into separate packageVictor Kamensky
2018-10-18systemtap: fix QA issueMartin Jansa
2018-10-17systemtap: Fix typo in chown commandRichard Purdie
2018-10-16systemtap: Fix issues from 4.0 upgradeRichard Purdie
2018-10-16systemtap: 3.3 -> 4.0Victor Kamensky via Openembedded-core
2018-07-26systemtap: fix unintialized memory accesses in dwflpp::function_entrypcVictor Kamensky via Openembedded-core
2018-07-26systemtap: 3.2 -> 3.3Victor Kamensky via Openembedded-core
2018-07-26systemtap: improve reproducibilityHongxu Jia
2018-04-18systemtap: don't build under muslRoss Burton
2018-04-07systemtap: support --sysroot option in variety of situations in cross buildVictor Kamensky
2018-04-07systemtap: create translator packageconfigVictor Kamensky
2018-04-07Revert "systemtap: Cross compilation fix"Victor Kamensky
2018-04-03systemtap: Backport a fix for build with gcc8Khem Raj
2018-03-28systemtap: bring in PR22551 fix that addresses build against 4.15 kernel issueVictor Kamensky