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AgeCommit message (Expand)Author
4 dayslttng-modules: replace mips compaction fix with upstream changeBruce Ashfield
9 dayslttng-modules: fix build against mips and v5.19 kernelBruce Ashfield
13 dayslttng-modules: Fix build failure for kernel v5.15.58He Zhe
2022-07-04lttng-modules: fix 5.19+ buildBruce Ashfield
2022-06-22lttng-modules: update 2.13.3 -> 2.13.4Alexander Kanavin
2022-06-08lttng-modules: fix shell syntaxMartin Jansa
2022-06-07lttng-ust: upgrade 2.13.2 -> 2.13.3wangmy
2022-06-04lttng-modules: Fix build failure for 5.10.119+ and 5.15.44+ kernelHe Zhe
2022-05-21lttng-modules: fix build against 5.18-rc7+Bruce Ashfield
2022-05-05lttng-tools: upgrade 2.13.4 -> 2.13.7Alexander Kanavin
2022-04-19babeltrace: Disable warnings as errorsKhem Raj
2022-04-14lttng-modules: support kernel 5.18+Bruce Ashfield
2022-03-29lttng-ust: upgrade 2.13.1 -> 2.13.2wangmy
2022-03-29lttng-modules: upgrade 2.13.2 -> 2.13.3wangmy
2022-03-17lttng-modules: remove redundant devupstream assignmentsRoss Burton
2022-03-16lttng-modules: upgrade 2.13.1 -> 2.13.2wangmy
2022-02-20meta/meta-selftest/meta-skeleton: Update LICENSE variable to use SPDX license...Richard Purdie
2022-02-10lttng-modules: update devupstream to latest 2.13Bruce Ashfield
2022-02-10lttng-modules: fix build against v5.17+Bruce Ashfield
2022-02-03lttng-tools: upgrade 2.13.2 -> 2.13.4Richard Purdie
2022-01-15lttng-modules: update to 2.13.1Bruce Ashfield
2021-12-20lttng-tools: Upgrade 2.13.1 -> 2.13.2Richard Purdie
2021-12-14lttng-tools: Disable problem testsRichard Purdie
2021-12-14lttng-tools: Backport ptest fixRichard Purdie
2021-12-12lttng-ust: upgrade 2.13.0 -> 2.13.1Richard Purdie
2021-12-06lttng: submit patches upstreamAlexander Kanavin
2021-11-21patches: correct whitespace/spelling for Upstream-Status tagsAlexander Kanavin
2021-10-27lttng-tools: upgrade 2.13.0 -> 2.13.1wangmy
2021-10-13lttng-tools: replace ad hoc ptest fixup with upstream fixesAlexander Kanavin
2021-10-09lttng-ust: fix do_compile failure for arm32 with DEBUG_BUILD enabledChangqing Li
2021-09-26lttng-modules: fix build against 5.15+Bruce Ashfield
2021-09-26lttng-modules/dev-upstream: update to 2.13-latestBruce Ashfield
2021-09-23lttng-ust: fix do_compile error when PACKAGECONFIG examples is enabledChangqing Li
2021-09-21lttng-tools: Add missing DEPENDS on bison-nativeRichard Purdie
2021-09-21recipes: Add missing pkgconfig inheritRichard Purdie
2021-09-10lttng: update 2.12 -> 2.13.0Alexander Kanavin
2021-09-07systemd: '${systemd_unitdir}/system' => '${systemd_system_unitdir}'Robert P. J. Day
2021-08-27lttng-modules: do not search in non-existing folder during installAndrey Zhizhikin
2021-08-26lttng-modules: Make it build when CONFIG_TRACEPOINTS is not enabled againPeter Kjellerstedt
2021-08-18lttng-modules: update to 2.13.0Bruce Ashfield
2021-08-02Convert to new override syntaxRichard Purdie
2021-06-08lttng-tools: upgrade 2.12.3 -> 2.12.4Richard Purdie
2021-05-16lttng-ust: Upgrade 2.12.1 -> 2.12.2Richard Purdie
2021-05-16lttng-modules: update to v2.12.6Bruce Ashfield
2021-05-16lttng-modules: update devupstream to v2.13-rcBruce Ashfield
2021-05-09lttng-modules: backport patches to fix build against 5.12+ kernelVinícius Ossanes Aquino
2021-04-18lttng-tools: Fix path for test_python_loogingAnders Wallin
2021-04-18lttng-tools: Fix missing legacy test filesAnders Wallin
2021-04-18babeltrace2: upgrade 2.0.3 -> 2.0.4Wang Mingyu
2021-03-20lttng-modules: backport patches to fix build against 5.12+ kernelBruce Ashfield